Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MMM is starting to become a challenge!

Today, I confess I am not wearing anything I have made:-(

I am wearing a beloved black white and red polyester dress bought via internet, and a grey cotton cardigan from Recycle Boutique. Like most women I guess I have combinations of clothes which I like better than others, and because I work in a hospital where it is warm and dry, I can wear a lot less layers than if I were in a shop, or factory. Most days I only wear one layer and carry a jacket or cardigan, and my legs are bare. One year I did not wear tights/hosiery until early June because the weather was fairly mild. Anyway, to get back to my point, Me Made March is starting to become a challenge for me - I am starting to worry a little that I do not have anything to wear which is quite ridiculous really.

One thing I would like to wear is my blue and white dress, BUT, and its a big BUT, it is a summer dress and I am not sure it is appropriate for the office. The neckline is not low, and I have inserted white fabric at the bottom of the neckline and around the bottom of the armholes to ensure that there is no grotesque skin or bra showing (I write grotesque not because I wear a grubby old bra, or have rolls of lard like fat, but because I think that it looks awful to see someone dressed nicely but their underwear is showing.)

Really pleased to see that Rosy is continuing to blog about Alfred Hitchcock - Rear Window this time. In this film Grace Kelly is the epitome of class, refinement and grace. She is almost too good to be true - so well dressed and prepared, with all the right accessories and hair. James Stewart by comparison is a rough and ready photographer who has broken his leg while on assignment. I have suggested that the next dress that Rosy makes is the black and white one worn by the nurse Stella. ALthough it might not be as glamourous as the dresses worn by Grace it is a lovely dress, very practical and with a nice neckline.

Tomorrow, dear reader is another day. What will you wear for MMM? What will I wear?? Tune in tomorrow to find out.


  1. I am sure you will use all your imagination to make the end of MMM in a final apotheosis, you use accessories to change the look of the costumes and have a new computer, I admire the photos yourself, please. Thank you for your dedication, the dress chosen for the film will be unveiled on Saturday.

  2. Oh Rosy thank you for your words of encouragement. I do feel a bit like I am at the edge of the world here in New Zealand and its really nice to connect with other sewers.


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