Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some projects are doomed from day 1

Behold, dear reader, the Little House on the Prairie number which I started after Christmas with the $4 green gingham from Spotlight and a very cute cotton floral purchased about 6 years ago to make a girly dress for my daughter which never got made.I was lulled into a false sense of security by the pattern which caught my eye on a gloomy Dunedin afternoon in Spotlight - a sun dress. To wear on sunny days. Not sure if you can see from this picture but the front and back are slightly gathered. My first mistake was to decide emphatically that gathered busts do not suit me and make me look pregnant. My second mistake was to change the gathers to pleats. I won't bore you with a sew by sew and rip by rip story of how many times I made and attached the band across the top, but needles (yes that's needle's on purpose) to say, the back never joined together properly. On my trusty Chil-daw of course, it looks lovely.

I cut the pink band off and intend to make a skirt from the bodice. To wear next summer.

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