Sunday, February 27, 2011

The end of the satin dress and other clothing

Remember this???? Well, I tried to make it into a skirt by cutting off the top.....and the result was less than flattering. Instead of looking like a satin bell, I resembled a garbage bag which had been overfilled.

Undeterred, by this minor setback, I decided to make a more fitted skirt from the old faithful A line skirt pattern. Things did not go well, twice I had to changed needles as a thread got snagged, and then I noticed the devil's mark - a large oily stain which was not on the dress when I started. Filled with an overwhelming sense of frustration I removed the offending fabric from the jaws of my Husqvarna and deposited it in the rubbish. Only the satin tie belt remains and will be used as a sash.
Dress: originally $49.95 from Ezibuy, purchased for $4.50 from Recycle Boutique
Lesson learnt: satin does not flatter my shape, chartreuse yellow is not flattering to my skin colour, satin is a *&^%&*!! to sew.

Thoroughly disenchanted with sewing something new, I decided to turn my hand to renovating an existing item. I added some front and back darts to a white viscose blouse purchased from Butterflies on Friday. I don't have a white short sleeve blouse and thought it would complement several of my patterned skirts. All went well. I carefully washed and rinsed the blouse and hung it out to dry in the afternoon sun. Later, when my mother was helping me bring in the washing she said "Oh this blouse has a hole in it, did you know? " as she unpegged it. Two things leapt to mind: 1. there was no hole in it when I bought it, or when I sewed it, or when I washed it. 2. Mothers notice such things.

Blouse: $2 from Butterflies
Lesson: kindly refuse offers from Mothers to help with washing.

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