Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi Readers, the topic for today is handbags because yesterday I received a lovely compliment about my "cow bag" from a lady working at the Presbyterian Support Shop in St Andrew Street. As well as commenting on the loveliness of the bag "what a cool bag", she let me know that the Shop on Carroll has some bags like this, and a lady that works there collects them, so I am sure to go visit sometime. I am not sure if you can see from this picture, but my bag is modest - its not huge but it does fit wallet, sunglasses case, camera and all the other detritus that I think I need to get through the day, you know Eclipse mints, Rimmel lipgloss from Postie Plus (a bargain at $4) various coffee cards and of course, work keys and cards, car keys and house keys!

This bag is my favourite at the moment and I have used it almost religiously since I bought it at the Butterflies Shop a while back in November I think. The interesting thing is that I had been looking for a leather tooled bag on Trademe and was getting frustrated that they seemed to be snapped up quite quickly and for prices which I cannot justify. Then one day, I saw my "cow bag" and it was love at first sight. My darling D and her friend A named it the "cow bag" when we went on the Taieri Gorge Railway trip and the name has stuck ever since. Below is a picture of me outside a cute church in Middlemarch - with the bag.
Anyway, the "cow bag" is losing so of its hair where it rubs and bumps against my hip, and it cannot be used in conjunction with black trousers or skirt, else it leaves hairy bits on me!

Each day I wear comfy shoes to work and carry my "nice" shoes in my brown cordroy knitting bag with wooden handles. This spacious bag also holds my lunch and other bits and bobs and it counterbalances the "cow bag" in weight so i do not end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


  1. Nothing beats a knitting bag as a hold all. I like yours and would love to find one for me. :)

  2. The popularity of tooled leather bags also irks me. Tis hard/impossible to find a reasonable one.


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