Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Second Hand Goods sales ettiquette in Dunedin

I have just read a very funny and very true post over at Into Vintage about the worst methods of pricing and packaging goods: atrocities committed by grease pencils on books, pictures and games, sharpie markers and vile super duper sticky labels on glassware and china. Sellotape and torturous packing tape around fragile ornaments and puzzles. You can read more of the post here:

One of my pet peeves is the use of double staples and card price tags on items at SaveMart in Stafford Street. I well recall the day when I spotted a lavendar and brown striped fur stole for $17 and the effort that I made to carefully remove the staples from the fur, the leather and the satin lining. The holes were big and the sharp edges of the staples had not cut cleanly through the cloth or pierced through the weave but had actually caught some threads. I was horrified. The sheer gorgeousness of the fur and the colour made up for it but it was very very annoying. I do not even bother to look at chiffon or silky items for this reason. Mainly these instruments of ruin are attached to the actual tag in the product but as all good second hand clothes shoppers will know, not all things have tags. Like homemade items for a start.

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