Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday garb and thoughts of blue

Phew, I have been quite busy this week with various Christmas events and work farewells.  It is the season for socialising.  I did manage a quick trip to Toffs and have a new Osti dress to add to my collection (its pink!).  Today I did some chores around the house and then took my daughter shopping.  When we got home the sun came out and so I thought I take a snap of what I have been wearing:

My favourite garb in the weekend is often jeans and teeshirt.  Black tee-shirt (unworn and probably brand new) from Hospice Shop $4 worn with Just Jeans jeans (unworn and probably brand new) from Toffs $2

I had a blue moment on Friday - wore a vintage blue polyester shirt with a favourite combo of maxi skirt and vest.  

Although it is now Spring (although not very dry or warm) I could not pass up this vintage home-made winter woollen dress last week - also blue - found languishing on the retro rack at the Presbyterian Support Yellow Shop.  I bought the blue shirt in the photo above at the same time.  

Alas, I just got a message that I have run out of photo space...has this happened to anyone else?  I was going to upload a couple of photos of other $2 bargain buys from Toffs.  But never mind, they will have to wait for another post, and in the meanwhile I will do some photo storage research.  
Hope you are all having a great weekend, 


  1. You look very rock n roll in your jeans & tee shirt!! I ran out of space once, but now have pretty much unlimited space via google for a few dollars a month

  2. Ooooh the shirt is a beautiful, brilliant shade of blue, the colour really suits you:). The same thing happened to me with pic storage but buying more storage is pretty cheap. You look so happy with your bargains, I'm looking forward to seeing more! xo

  3. I'm wearing blue a lot more lately too. I seem to be open to almost any colour now as long as I like the style. I keep getting the photo storage limit message too, & I resent having to pay for the privilege of loading photos. I find if I resize my pics to small blogger sometimes lets me load more, or my other way around it is to load the photos onto photobucket which is free with no storage limits, & add the URL to my post. It seems to work okay but is a bit of a pain, with extra steps involved! I hope you have a lovely weekend....we're sweltering here in Brissy! Xx

  4. Blue suits you, I think you should wear it often! xxx

  5. Re photo space- after about a year you fill your quota up- Log in and clean out pics you're not using- that should give you some more time- and eventually you'll just kick down the $10 and get more space.

  6. Great finds! Sorry about the space issues!!



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