Friday, November 23, 2012

The "New" Hospice Shop, Jetty Street, Dunedin

Hi everyone, I want to tell you all about a new charity op shop which has opened in Dunedin: Hospice Op Shop on Jetty Street.  Earlier this week I received a notification from the Hospice via Facebook telling me that a new shop was opening - selling furniture and household items.  Imagine my excitement!!!!  So on Thursday lunchtime I made my inaugural visit to the new store.  

Jetty Street is in a different part of town from where I work and a wee bit too far to walk in a lunch hour (and allow enough time for enjoying the shopping) and I had to take the car.  Anyway, its a historical part of town with lots of lovely old buildings and warehouses.  Jetty Street used to be the waterfront before large amounts of land were reclaimed from the harbour.  Here is an external shot of the store - you can just seem me reflected in the window:

The store is really wide and open with lots and lots of natural light due to to the huge windows which is amazing.  Being the first day that it opened it was very tidy and in some areas stock was still being put on display. 

It took only a couple of minutes - or maybe less - for me to find something I really wanted: 

The cannister on the far right with the lady on it - only $8!!!! I was thinking about all my blogging buddies who lust after who have amazing kitchenware like Vintage Bird Girl and OP Shop Mama for example.  At these prices, anyone could just start a collection on the spot.  

For all the collectors of beautiful table linens and textiles there was a beautiful display using a rimu cabinet (I thought the cabinet would be perfect for displaying scarves and handbags as well).  

To my surprise and delight there were about 4 racks of clothes including some items made from vintage fabrics - such as aprons, skirts and tops.  The Hospice charity has clearly done some homework and realised that there is a niche market for clothing made from beautiful fabric that is not mass produced, made in China, etc you know what I mean.  Alas my photos of the clothing was rubbish.  The prices however were great - a little more expensive than the Butterflies Hospice store in town - dresses were $8, tops $4 and shoes around $8-10.  There was very little modern clothing (good) and because the store had just opened the racks were not crammed full so it was easy to look at each item (excellent).  

One thing that caught my eye and made me think of Sarah Misfit was this pair of dungarees......

You all know how how much I love cute Bambi's, so I was on the look-out for animal ornaments.  Alas no Bambi, but a family of poodles - possibly not all related - and a rabbit and cat couple resplendent with furry tails:

Yes, dear readers I did make a purchase - when I was on my final look around I made my way towards the counter and looked at the jewelry. To my delight a large pinky and orangey necklace for the princely sum of $3.  I made sure I purchased some of the Hospice chocolate too, which is a lovely Belgian style and quite different to the Dunedin famous Cadbury.  Here is the necklace: 

Oh, I can almost hear my readers saying to themselves, or aloud, "Penny-Rose, what's that other item, underneath?".  Well my friends, it is fabulous house coat.  The photo taken in the car, with the coat all scrunched up does not do it justice.  Neither does this one of it hanging in my bedroom: 

What happened is this: I was just about to pay for the necklace and the chocolate when I saw something hanging up behind the counter (like about 3 metres away) and I said to the nice lady "OOooooh thats lovely fabric, what is it?" It is a vintage 1950s house coat.  Not bothering to try it on, and realising that it was genuine vintage by the sewing and inside construction, I said "I'll have it" without asking the price!  

The colours are just gorgeous - the photo above captures the freshness of the design really well.  Its made of polished cotton and has a slanted front pocket and to my surprise matches the necklace perfectly.  I hope - or rather I should say I intend - to convert it to a dress.  How much was it??  $12.  

In summary I can say that I had a fine time visiting this new store - it was well laid out, bright and light, clean and tidy and had some awesome things.  The prices were slightly higher than the other store, but fair, due to the quality of the items.  I will definitely be visiting again.  

Windswept and Interesting
with blue beads from Sally Army and
vintage earrings from early 1980s
1980s dress - St V de P approx $6
Vintage leather belt - Recycled Boutique
Neon blue shoes - retail 


  1. I swear the op shops you guys have down south put ours to shame! This place looks amazing I love the necklace you bought and the poka dot frock you're wearing in the photos is so cute:)

  2. That looks such a fab charity shop, bursting with eclectic bits and pieces! x

  3. I seem to be missing your posts lately....something to do with my blogger feed. Glad I caught up on the latest Hospice shop. Another one on my to do list! Those canisters look eye was immediately drawn to the one you liked. If only I had a bigger kitchen, bigger house to keep filling it with wonderful things! I love the house coat. Looking forward to seeing you model it, with that gorgeous necklace. I love the last pics of look stunning & stylish. Xx


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