Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recycled sari skirt, vintage Bendon dress, Zambesi tee shirt and peonies

I have had another busy week this week - fortunately the weather has seriously improved.  Thank you to all who offered advice with the photo problem - I really appreciated the comments.  I have deleted some very old boring posts to make some room and used Pic Monkey this morning.  Also I am trying out a new photo layout etc, so bear with me, if things are not quite ideal in size etc.  

Top left: Monday was the office Christmas Lunch so I decided to wear the very Xmasy combination of red and green.  Recycled sari magic skirt bought in Ashburton, worn with $2 red tee shirt from the Hospice Shop, black waistcoat $1 Trademe, shoes retail.

Top right: I wanted to carry on the red theme on Tuesday, but mixed it with blue - blue shoes were bought new recently from Rubi, red skirt  $4 and blue belt 50 cents from Hospice Shop, home-made floral top, giant pearls from Lovisa.

Wednesday was orientation evening at the school my daughter goes to next year and due to timing it was not possible to take a photo.  Thursday I wore one of my favourite skirts with a retro pattern.  I love the yellow orange and turquoise combination.  Fluoro shoes and some bright bracelets which are out of picture added to the bright look.  The tee shirt is a Breast Cancer one designed by Zambesi, it was $1 in one of the op shops I frequent.  

On Friday I had a Health and Safety Study Day and it was not quite as warm so it was back into lacey tights teamed up with a black long sleeved tee shirt $2 worn with the fabulous vintage Bendon sundress from the Hospice Shop.  Due to the damp weather and the fact that I had to walk back to work by mid afternoon I wore my furry shoes which have a decent sole.  

Yesterday I spent a glorious time in Toffs and tried on 4 dresses and a few tops.  The $2 dress rack was practically bowing to the ground it was so stuffed full.  I scored a vintage Osti dress in lovely shades of blue and purple, a white sundress with navy polka dots and another dress.  

Due to a serious compression problem in my side of the wardrobe I have migrated some of my winter clothes to my daughters' wardrobe and, I have chosen a few items which are too small or don't fit as well as I would like to either sell on Trademe or to give to one of the charities.  

I want to sign off today with some peonies - top left is Moonstone and the fragrance is just divine.  Hope you are all having a good weekend.


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  2. Lovely selection of outfits - I do love the breast cancer tees that Glassons put on each year. I had one once with a unicorn on it, and I always got loads of comments about it (I wore it until it literally fell apart). Such pretty flowers - are they from your garden?

  3. Lovely outfits and gorgeous peonies! xxx


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