Monday, December 10, 2012

Pleated skirt and Paul Klee, and a splash of dolphins

Hi everyone one, I am trying to get back into the groove with regards to posting more regularly.  Fortunately today there was some time for an after-work-photo-shoot:

 Turquoise pleated skirt, from a school fair part of a $1 a bag
Paul Klee printed top, previously a maxi dress from Presbyterian Yellow shop for $8 or thereabouts.  Now I have a skirt and a top!!
Fluoro shoes, retail.  Selection of bangles all from various op shops.  Yes, my hair is a bit different, I went to the hairdresser last night for some pampering.

This morning was just beautiful and as we were driving down the road to school (not late for a change) my 11 yo screamed out "Dolphins!"  So, we did a quick u-turn and found somewhere to pull over and all raced over to the harbourside walkway where we had a reasonable view of a pod of bottlenosed dolphins swimming towards Port Chalmers.  

Alas I was shooting blind - the camera was on the "foliage" setting which is what I use for taking photos of my peonies - and also the sun was in my eyes.  So I just held up the camera and snapped off as many pics as I could.  The pics are a bit over-exposed but you can definitely see fins!!!!

We are very lucky in Dunedin to live on such a beautiful harbour and it was so special to see dolphins swimming.  The dolphins featured on the front page of the local paper - the photos are  is fantastic and if you want to have a look click here.


  1. Oh wow! How lucky are you to see dolphins on the way to work! Checked out your local paper link - interesting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. We have to go all the way to India to see dolphins! How lucky you are. xxx

  3. I'm so happy to see two posts from you in a matter of days! I love this outfit. The skirt colour is gorgeous & it looks great with that top. Looking good Lovely Lady! Xx

  4. That pleated skirt is a lovely colour. Ahh, I have never seen dolphins, it must be a fabulous sight! xxx

  5. Oh Dunedin is such a beautiful place!!!!!
    You look just lovely in the blue pleated skirt.
    Love v

  6. yet more reason to love dunedin and new zealand, dolphins and excellent op-shopping! hope you have a wonderful christmas too, and hope the new year brings you continued op-shopping good fortune! x


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