Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on re-fashioning

Right, here is a quick update on refashioning - just managing to squeeze in this post while daughter gets ready for bed, husband goes for a walk, before I do the dishes and then settle down to walk Criminal M..... OMG you would not believe it.  I wrote about 7 paragraphs and then the internet packed a sad and I lost the lot!!!

Can I remember what I typed.....Criminal Minds is on and I am watching it with one eye.

1. purple cardigan - chopped off sleeves to elbow, cut 20cm off bottom.  Much better!  Was originally in the "lost and found" at work.  It is a lovely shade of purple.  I will wear it until i have finished my purple cardigan.  Here is the link to the knitting pattern:
2. purple Muu Muu-like "Miss Jennie" dress - made into a maxi skirt, worn today.  Reports that Dorothy the Dinosaur was in Dunedin are wrong.  I might have water retention.  There is no photographic evidence of this refashion.  There may never be any evidence.
2a.  Breast cancer awareness tee shirt designed by World.  cut off overly tight neckline.  Much better.
3. cream crimplene waistcoat - took in back with two large darts.  Bust area still a problem.  Need to design a big brooch or similar to keep it closed at front.
4. Triumph mens shirt - cut off worn stained cuffs.  Hemmed edges now its ready to wear.  I must confess I bought this in Melbourne last year and have not yet worn it......
5. Mens dinner shirt - I have worn this so many times and finally the collar is too stained.  No amount of Persil will rescue it.  So I unpicked the collar and edged with 30 cent bias binding.  I then chopped about 20 cm off the sleeves.  I am embellishing with some vintage braid. Project is still a WIP.
6. Purple and brown "Bendon" sun dress - slightly too big in bust.  Hand sewing project only.  Managed to sew the middle together a little bit - to minimise cleavage area.  Now ready to wear and luckily goes with the cropped purple cardigan perfectly.

Pranced around garden in my new maxis, enjoying the swish of fabric around my legs and the sun on my face.  Neither dress is really suitable for work, so I will maximise wear at home!!  Okay, now I am seriously missing Criminal Minds.....and I don't trust the internet connection.

All for now!!

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