Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three outfit photos in one post!!

Here is what I wore on Tuesday: in this photo I am trying to work out the right distance from the camera - yes I was using the self timer!  You may also notice that I am squinting, because I am not wearing my sunglasses.   If any of you are gardeners and interested in NZ plants, there is a mixture of hebe and totara to my left and a flax and some grasses to my right.  When we first moved in there was hardly any garden at all.  Over the years we have also been lucky to get lots of free plants - from friends and self-seeded ones too.  Many of our native grasses and hebes are "self-sown".

I wish I had realised that the cardigan (a successful re-fashion from the weekend) was concealing the belt I used to cinch in waist of the sundress.

Purple sundress $6 from Butterflies Hospice Shop
Shell bracelet St V de P
Refashioned cardigan from lost and found
Purple ballet flats bought retail
To my delight I received lots of compliments at work when I wore this outfit - purple is a favourite colour amongst my colleagues.

The weather forecast for Wednesday was for cooler temperatures so I thought I would wear the yellow lurex cardigan for the first time.  I was in a panic/rush when I got dressed but somehow things managed to work together:

In the background on the right you can see some Dahlias. There is a little story about these Dahlias - I got the bulbs/corms from the St Vincent de Paul in December 2010.  I planted them just after I had my gall bladder operation.  I love these flowers and their happy faces and they remind me of my time healing at home.  Oh and they were free!!  In the photo below, the ones just over my shoulder are visible - these are like pompoms and almost an orangey pink colour.
Yellow lurex Shetland Cardigan made in NZ :-) Trademe $15
Dragon skirt Trademe
Belt you have seen before
Teeshirt from the sale rack at the Warehouse
Brown Clarks shoes from St V de P approx $7
Today I wanted to wear a new Chinese style top in a dark blue and paired it with trousers for an oriental look.  Thanks to my dear H who took the photo, its nice to see a smile and not a squint/scowl!
Blue To A T trousers from York Place Red Cross $1
Blue polyester chinese top - possibly pyjamas??? from All Saints Church Fair $1
Obi made by me
Blue and cream loafers from No1 Shoes
Tomorrow, its Friday - thank goodness.  Today the green dress I won on Trademe arrived and I have already washed it.  It won't be dry by morning so it won't be worn for Frock on Friday.

If you are wondering about those square things along the top of the wall beside me - they are concrete tiles my daughter and I made.  We used ice-cream containers for uniform size and luckily we had a lot of them.  Dear H poured in the concrete and we decorated the tiles with "treasure" found from the beach such as broken pottery and glass, and some old glass beads, buttons, and coloured stones found on various beaches but mainly from Wakanui Beach near Ashburton.  We made these tiles about 4 years ago and they have weathered really well.  These tiles are another example of making something out of recycled materials or things that are free.

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Love the fashion show. Following you. Take care, Linda

  2. I love the print on the purple dress. The dragon skirt outfit looks lovely too. That lurex cardigan is amazing. The obi you made is great.

  3. Three great outfits! Love the purple dress and the dragon skirt.


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