Sunday, March 25, 2012

May the Goddess of Thrifting, Op-shopping and Blogging Shine on Ye All!

Vintage Klipper Robe - modified by me - $6 Savemart
Hello Everyone, hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.  The weather has been classic Dunedin weather this week: All four seasons in one day.  I found myself going to work dressed for Autumn - for example in my Klipper-Robe-transformed-into-a-dress which is made of rayon and breezey at the best of times.  During the day the temperature seemed to turn into the early twenties only to plummet in the afternoon.  Luckily, when I arrived home the sun came out and it was so bright I found it hard to stand still while Dear H took a photo.

A similar thing happened a couple of days later.  This time I decided to wear a vintage Sonny sweater with a longer skirt.  Due to the lacy effect of the sweater I wore a singlet as well.  The morning started chilly ...... and then the sun came out and by the time I got home I felt too hot and sweaty for a photo, but made the sacrifice for my loyal readers.  I have to say the photo is not the best, I am practically grimmacing and I recall saying to my patient Dear H "Honey, please just take the g*&^%!!! photo" through gritted teeth.  Oh the things we do for fame and fortune.

Vintage Sonny Knitwear Sweater $2 St v de P
Paul Klee print skirt - previously a maxi dress - $8 Presbyterian Yellow Shop
Belt also thrifted - can't recall where :-(
The reason for the title of this post, is that today I felt that the Goddess was looking after me.  I had one of those OH WOW moments.  I went out for lunch with four ladies who I used to work with when I was twenty-something at Cafe Rue which is a pleasant cafe in Moray Place.  I wore what I call my Christmas Day dress, which for those who did not see my posts post-xmas, is sleeveless and made of thin cotton.  It is lined with thin cotton too.  So it is really two thin layers of cotton.  I also wore sandals and a cotton black cardigan.  I am sure that you will be shocked to read that during lunch it started to rain and hail, and when I left the cafe two hours later it was still raining and hailing.  Was I going to let a bit of water and wind put me off my stride?  No.  I had the car, I was alone and I had time to shop.  So I followed the new road rules obediently and drove to Toffs.  My fellow NZ readers will know what I mean - basically the give way rules changed at 5am this morning.  Anyway, I was very careful and avoided uncontrolled intersections.

Toffs was splendiferous.  Is that a word?  Its the sort of word that Helga would use and I think it is a word.  In the $2 section at the back on the left hand side was about 10 vintage dresses.
I know, I was almost shaking with excitement: vintage clothes ON THE $2 RACK.  

Because I was alone, I had time to try on.  So I tried on a 1950s / 1960s powder blue crimplene dress with lace detail.  It was okay but I did not like the colour.  I tried on a bright red beaded Indian top, you know the ones which come with trousers.  I loved the colour but the style was not flattering - no shaping what so ever.  The I tried on this vision of loveliness:

 ..and then I tried on this black and white home-made dress
 ...look at the cute flower detail and the lovely pleated frill around the neckline.

I almost could not believe my luck.  The red one fits like a glove - well maybe not quite a good as a glove but pretty darn good.  The stretchy fabric is very forgiving/flattering.  I am tempted to cut it slightly shorter so I can wear it for work.  I think it would look fabulous with tights and boots.

The black and white one is not so forgiving, but as long as I do not try excessive arm movements it will be perfect. Again, I will think about cutting it shorter.

I also want to show you what I bought off Trademe this week.  It is a "snug"fit but it is so cute!  It is yellow lurex Shetland brand and made in New Zealand, and much brighter than the photo suggests.  There is gold embroidery around neck and cute buttons as well.  I did pay a lot more than I would normally for this but it was love at first sight.  $15 well spent I think.

In addition to all my weekend chores - washing, cleaning, etc I have been working steadfastly on my current knitting project which I have not shown you yet.  It is a cardigan (can a girl have too many cardigans or jackets?  I think not).  I inherited a lot of wool and knitting needles from my dear mother in law and have aleady used some of this lovely Shepherd Juliette yarn making the dreaded 3 hour sweater and also a grey and purple striped vest for my dear daughter.  I can't find the url of the pattern, but it is a free one and knitted from cuff to cuff.  Neither of these photos give an accurate representation of the colour - it is just lovely.  The top one is clearly too dark and the bottom one too bright.  In the bottom one though you can see the colour variation which reminds me of heather and lavendar, cat mint and sage.

Tomorrow is a regional holiday - Otago Anniversary Day - but I will be going to work for half a day while my family stay home.  Tomorrow afternoon I hope to update you on my refashioning projects and post the url of the cardigan pattern.


  1. I know that feeling, shivering and telling the official blog photographer to get a move on!
    Love that red frock, it's perfection. x

  2. Enjoy your public holiday. I love the robe dress on you & the shoes you have on are lovely too. My heart rate would have gone through the roof with a $2 rack of vintage! The red & white frock is amazing! When we're in Auckland I call the weather bi-polar, it will pour with rain one minute & be sunny the next. It never quite makes up it's mind! XX

  3. Oh those 2 maxi dresses are heavenly, and such bargains! Of course I would keep them long but then not everyone likes a maxi, and you definitely must wear them. Cute cardigan too. xxx


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