Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A train trip and a wedding

On Saturday morning (very very early) my family and I boarded the train at Christchurch to travel to Blenheim.  The weather was unbelievable - a weather bomb was about to be dropped on NZ - but it made for spectacular viewing from the Observation Deck:

Here I am, all wind-swept and interesting.

The views along the coast line were spectacular.  

 For all those train lovers out there here is a gratuitous shot of the DCP which took us from Christchurch to Blenheim.  

We arrived in Blenheim at midday and the wedding was not until 3pm.  So I managed a very very quick trip to SaveMart for a look around.  It had heaps of really cool stuff, but nothing I wanted to buy.

Never mind.

Here is a photo of me at the reception which was held at Drylands Winery.  
No, I am not wearing my hat.  I took it off.  
I spent 10 minutes in the ladies backcombing and fluffing up my hair!!
There are a few photos of me wearing the hat, it but my family are in the photos and they are all shy and don't really want to be on on the internet.  :-( but fair enough. 

Green lurex dress ReStore $8
Orange wooden bead necklace SaveMart $3
Blue Hushpuppies mary jane shoes Mosgiel Hospice Shop $10
Orange Atmosphere cardi Recycle Boutique $4.50

The dress was very comfortable to wear even though there was not much movement in the arms.  This was not a problem when eating and drinking but a slight problem when I was dancing.  When it came to driving back to where we were staying I had to drive sitting perched on the edge of the drivers seat else my arms could not comfortably reach the steering wheel!!!

Real leather jacket, Capture brand, Salvation Army $8
worn with jeans and tee shirt and stuffed canvas sneakers, all bought on sale new.

The next day we were greeted with sunshine and blue skies.  We took the opportunity to have a look around Blenheim and here I am sitting by the fountain in the square which is the middle of town.  I forget the name but it is very pretty.  Unfortunately because of the earthquake risk the war memorial which is also located here is all fenced off.  I have been there before and taken some amazing photos.
 Near the park is the St Vincent de Paul shop which was closed 
but on my list of places to visit when I return.

Due to the weather bomb there were significant delays on the way home.  
Our train was delayed by nearly an hour an a half.  My daughter and niece waited very patiently playing on the platform and I read "Out of Africa" my husband was happy waiting.

Here is the DXR which took us home.  
The girls had a great time in the Observation Deck with the wind whistling through their hair.  
I stayed inside and just enjoyed the view from the window.

So what did you get up to in the weekend?  Did you shelter from the weather or were you out in the sun blooming like a rose?


  1. Thanks for the photos....I'd love to do that train ride someday. We've done the Tranzalpine but only driven to Picton along the coast. You look fab in the maxi frock. Hehe the things we do for vintage....arm movement isn't always so important! I passed a blog award onto you last week. No need to follow through on it unless you want to. I'm glad you survived the weather bomb. I'll be glad when this 30 degree plus heat ends! Xx

    1. Hello, oh that sounds lovely to have won an award. But I am such a silly thing, I have no idea what to do. I very gratefully accept. Please let me know what to do. Hope you are not melting in the heat

  2. Love the dress and so envious of your train trip. I want to come next time!!!!


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