Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dreams are free.....

Since I saw an old St John's Ambulance First Aid caravan for sale near Milton, a couple of months ago, I have become increasingly interested in the caravans.  
This gorgeous one is featured in a classic car magazine and is classic American retro styling

Here is something of a New Zealand flavour (a joke there as Tip Top is a major brand of ice-cream).  I love the simple lines and coloursL: red and white again.
It makes me think of french vanilla :-)

However, as I was trawling through the internet, I found this:

Can you imagine my delight when I read that this vision of loveliness is in New Zealand????
I am immediately planning a visit....and in the meanwhile have added to my blog list for important daily reading!
Hope you are all having a good day today and enjoyed your weekends.
Today, its my office Christmas lunch 
and we are going to Gaslight Restaurant in St Andrew Street.
No doubt gratuitous photos and a review will follow!


  1. Oh, yes! I can understand you .. I was very interested in caravans this summer too. They are very popular where I live ... but very expensive ...

  2. Yes, caravans can be expensive ;-) but dreams are free. As it happens the lovely caravan above is in Australia....but never fear, its almost cheaper to fly over to Oz than it is to fly to the North Island!!

  3. Ooo,aren't vintage caravans the cutest!I have fantasies,too!
    That Trsih Hunter is a groovy gal!
    Just catching up,I'm in love with that brooch from Oamaru!And,I have kissing earrings that I think match your necklace!
    Twin Peaks!I really must re-watch this,it's been sooo long I don't really remember it!But I do love David Lynch,Lost Highway being a real fave.
    Thank you for your lovely comment,sweetheart!XXX

  4. Oh, OH! I love caravans too! Infact...I collect miniature toy ones :) There is also a book about caravans called "Vantastic" How cool is that! hehehe


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