Friday, December 16, 2011

Raspberry Beret ~ 24A London Street, Dunedin

photo by Lucy Gray

There's a new store in the centre of town - Raspberry Beret
 - which previously was above Purple Rain in Princes Street. 

photo by Lucy Gray
Look at this lovely dress displayed outside the store....

...and these fabulous reproduction vintage dresses inside.  Raspberry Beret uses genuine vintage fabrics to make vintage styled clothing, in modern sizes.

There is a great selection of clothes for women and men.  Some of the men's shirts really appealed to me as I have broad shoulders and long arms!

The Victorian townhouse has been given a fresh coat of white paint with a raspberry red trim.  The white interior is a great background for the riot of colours, patterns  and textures.  As you walk up the tiny staircase there is a wonderful embroidered dragon displayed over the bannister.

The genuine vintage clothing is of very high quality, but the fair prices show that Raspberry Beret is a definite rival to the other stores in town selling vintage clothing.  

Recycled Boutique for example has also shifted locations, has a much smaller and disappointing selection of vintage clothing now.  For some time, Recycled Boutique has been stocking reproduction vintage clothing imported from the UK and US.  

photo by Lucy Gray

Gorgeous examples like the dress above priced at $195 
was one of the most expensive items.  
Many I looked at were the same price as a new dress from modern main street stores.

While I was drooling and wandering around I chatted to the woman who owns and manages the store.  I admired her retro outfit and hair.  Raspberry Beret will be available for functions for dress up, makeup and hair do up parties.  Updates on the store are available by following Purple Rain on Facebook.  This to me shows that both the vintage and the modern will be working together very well.  

The store is carefully set out to make the most of the racks of clothes and accessories.  Vintage suitcases and handbags and some homewares add to the charm.

I am definitely going to be visiting Raspberry Beret again!


  1. Wow what great treasures. We must pop in when we are down next. v

  2. Raspberry Beret looks great. I did get to Purple Rain during our trip in August...such a lovely store & such a pretty window display.

  3. Raspberry Beret has lovely presentation. Prices are too expensive for me, but I did enjoy perusing.
    I think I like Modern Miss more. More stock and it feels like a museum.

  4. I love that floral dress with the grace dress! =)


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