Friday, December 9, 2011

Creative accomplishment!

Inspired by this book, I decided to try a new 'hair do', especially as I now have mid length hair.  I had to read through things a few times, to make sure I understood the instructions.  I had tried to make victory rolls a long time ago, and, well, they flopped and since then had not made much effort beyond a 1960s / 1970s inspired bouffant.  So armed with a lot of pins and a can of my favourite hairspray Schwartzkopf extra strong.....

The front looked pretty cool, with three rather large curls carefully arranged with the flower.  There are a couple of photos, but I took them, and my face is really distorted.  I am sure you know what I mean.

I was really pleased with the overall effect and now have the confidence to try again.  YAY.

To accompany the dress I made with the cool fabric I bought from Tessuti while in Melbourne, I was encouraged by fellow bloggers to have another go at making a button bracelet.  This time I took my time, and picked up a crochet hook and a random ball of wool.....

The end result is wide enough to support some amazing vintage buttons sourced from op shops and Trademe which are similar to the colours in the fabric.  I was really pleased with this simple project.

Pattern: Using a 5.00mm crochet hook chain 25.
I have slim wrists and thought this would be plenty. However the overall length shrinks slightly as you crochet, so I would recommend making long enough to go around your wrist and then adding 3 more chain.  Turn.
Double crochet starting in the second chain from the hook to end.  In last chain 2 double crochet and then turn to start crocheting in the bottom of the chain.
This pattern imitates one of the many Baby Bootee patterns I have!
Double crochet to end.  At end four chain (this forms the loop to fasten your bracelet).
Double crochet to end, move around corner and double crochet back to where you made your chain loop.  Now, leaving a long bit of wool - 50 cms - cut wool and pull though last stitch to fasten off.
Use this long "tail" to sew on your buttons.  Thread through back of bracelet to finish off loose ends.

I imagine this as being like a racehorse and doing 4 circuits of a race track.

I used a selection of buttons and simply sewed them on using the tail which minimised starting and stopping.  Voila.  The only limit is the amount of wool and buttons!!


  1. I recently borrowed this book from the library, but I didn't get very far with the do's...too tricky for me and I don't have the patience either. Yours looks great.

  2. I'd like to get my hands on that book, but I just don't seem to be a natural at being able to style my hair in different ways. Nice job on the hair, & I love the button bracelet.


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