Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uniformly attired

Today I am wearing my blue printed smock style dress - which I have previously blogged about here - and I must say the pattern is quite eye-catching as I glance down at myself.

As I have complained previously, there is a sea of black and grey, interspersed with other dark colours in fashion of Dunedin women between 35 and 60. Young women tend to be more in the Supre/Glassons/Pagani attire which leaves me cold, and not just in temperature. At least they are colourful. To compensate for this I am very lucky to work with two women whose sense of fashion and style is both visually and conversationally an added bonus of being in a warm centrally heated office.

Lady A, a working mother like myself, is a slim blue black haired woman whose sense of style is unmistakably European - classic skirts teamed with beautiful hosiery and lovely shoes. Soft cardigans and sweaters with jackets with nipped in waists. Colours are mustard and grey, fawn and black, a nude pink with silver and smoke. She mixes Overland with Witchery, with opshop and thrift.

Younger Lady B, is a fabulous breath of freshair with neon stilettos and black opaques. Her height enables long line cardis in soft flowing fabric and layered singlet style dresses to transverse casual into gorgeous. Waists are cinched with corset belts. Many items are sourced from Savemart, shoes from The Shoe Warehouse and a selection of treasures from opshops. Today she is in stripes - wide hosizontal black stripes that on most would make us look a la Michelin man, but she looks awesome!

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  1. Fab descriptions of the two ladies.. I could picture them clearly in my head :)


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