Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Auditor Frowns upon Monday Lunchtime Shopping Succes...

For a while I have been thinking about making a pair of high waisted trousers. But I don't have a pattern. Today at lunchtime I made a quick (ish) trip to the Butterflies shop and ....success - two 1970's patterns for twenty cents each! Also, an OSTI dress which was hanging in the "Nightwear" section for only $2!!!!

Dear Reader, I know what you are thinking "what a hypocrite". I can hear your hrmphhs of displeasure (although i would rather they were squeaks of glee).

Penny-Rose, you said you were not going to buy ANYTHING in July. You said you were going to SEW or REFASHION any new items of clothing.

That's right. I did say that I would only SEW or REFASHION new items in July. But, this is an item of Nightwear.
No its not. Its an OSTI sundress.

Okay, maybe it is an OSTI sundress. But it was in the Nightwear section. Thus, its a nightie. Its not day to day clothing. Thus, its not covered by the Make it Mend it July Pledge.

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  1. See, taking a law paper has paid off!! Well constructed argument.


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