Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday is Joyous!

White Gold Silver has read and commented on my blog ~ I am so happy :-) AND I now know what I am going to do at lunch time. Yes, dear readers I want polkadotted nails - just like these..... (Huge intake of break) And then I discovered there is a whole nail polish blog community out there which would be so totally suitable for my friend Lisa who has the MOST gorgeous nails.

I brought a smile to my dear friend Liminal Melody by linking to her blog. Liminal Melody and I have a keen interest in knitting although she is an advanced knitter and I am, well, a determined advanced beginner who is too silly to realise that some patterns are just way out of her scope of experience. I have just finished a pair of fingerless gloves for J which are made out of the Zhivago which I used to make a wrap 2 years ago but never liked because it was too floppy. I am making two pairs of f/less gloves for moi - silver crazy stuff I bought from Spotlight so probably Moda Vera something, which twists terribly while you work with it, so you end up with a twisted lump of thread which you have to undo. Anyway, silver looks very cool - or as M said "like Michael Jackson" (which I thought was hilarious). The second pair were previously my first attempt at a real pair of socks, with sock wool, which makes a faux fairisle type pattern as you knit. Using 4 x 2.5mm double ended needles was pure torture. So now they are being converted into gloves.

Linking to other blogs, commenting and following is a nice way of joining a community of like minded people. I am shy(ish) by nature and its nice to make contact with others via blogs.
Here is one example of a blog where there is a cool giveaway (not sure if it includes postage to little old New Zealand:

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  1. So you see what I mean about yarn from Spotlight. Looks pretty, but is hard to work with. I would say you are well past beginner now, as well.


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