Friday, October 5, 2012

Frocking good fun

Hello everyone, I am SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to the weekend, AND I have next week off work.  YAY.  Time with my daughter, garden, sewing machine.....not necessarily in that order.

Here are a few collages of what I have been wearing - today I dressed down a bit by wearing a Levi's maxi skirt (50 cents) with a polyester tropical shirt ($4).  I accessorised with yellow sneakers - bought new last month - massive yellow flower earrings ($4) and a white belt (20 cents) both from Butterflies Hospice Shop, and a yellow retail but on sale bracelet.  

Last weekend on a quick trip to Toffs and SaveMart, I wore my Vintage Osti maxi dress ($5) and Shetland Lurex yellow cardigan ($7) both from Trademe, also with the yellow sneakers.  Although I am wholeheartedly sticking to "Buy Nothing New" in October, I am glad I bought the sneakers - they are so comfortable and so far have made me feel very springlike.  

During the week, I felt like I needed to wear another combination which had previously not seen the light of day - orange and purple.  
Purple polyester skirt, reincarnated from a vintage evening dress ($2 Toffs) worn with orange polyester pussy bow blouse ($2 butterflies hospice shop), paisley socks with orange green and purple pattern (xmas gift), selection of bangles and rings all thrifted, also orange flower and black belt (retail on sale) and furry shoes (St V de P).
 I wanted to share with you some of the stunning scenery right outside my house - the sky was very dramatic when I got home from work tonight and the contrast with the trees and flowers was amazing.  Below right is the view across the road and across the harbour to the peninsula.  I love how the telegraph pole is on an angle - evidence of the steep streets of Maia.  The top left photo is of a NZ native clematis which has the most beautiful scent.  Below left is one of my favourite trees - lancewood.  
I really really love PicMonkey - its made my blogging life so much easier and so much more fun.  I feel like I can post better photos and group things together.  Notice I tried to get all the yellow stuff together?  

While I am at home I might get out my Bambi collection and take some pics for you, I feel like sharing some cuteness!! 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. xx


  1. Yes please share your Bambi collection with us!!! You know I love all things kitsch! Love your outfits....I especially like the second one with the maxi dress & yellow. Any bargains at Toffs or Savemart??? I hope you have a lovely spring-like weekend. Xx

    1. I love the maxi dress too - its an Osti one, which fits me perfectly and it also has the border print pattern which I adore. No major purchases at Toffs recently - but the stock turnover is so quick, its possible to visit weekly and find something.

  2. What a great fit that denim skirt is and the colour combo of the second outfit is fab! Lovely scenery and gorgeous skies, too! Have a great weekend! x

  3. Wow loving all the bright colour, beautiful!

  4. Love all the bright colours and the collages.
    Can I make a plea for bigger pics, so my poor eyes aren't straining to see your outfits details and the gorgeous scenery?! xx

    1. I will see what I can do - I am still learning all this blogger layout stuff and photo-uploading etc.

  5. So many pretty photos of your outfits - I love the Dunedin pix too xoxo


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