Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alice in Wonderland and JA492

Sock Dreams Pocket Watch Socks
Rabbit Earrings, Trademe
World Jacket, Toffs $2
Ruffled shirt, Savemart $4
Vintage pleated skirt, School Fair
DV8 Shoes, Savemart $7
Organza flower, retail

Well I am at home today, enjoying a national holiday - Labour Day.  It is a very special holiday in our house, not just because I like to celebrate the advances in employment laws and working conditions, but because it is also the birthday of my dear, darling daughter.  She is now 11 years old, I can't believe how time flies!!  At the moment she is out shopping with her Dad hoping to spend a gift voucher on a game for her new Nintendo.  

I thought I would take the time to tell you about what has been happening here: Over the long weekend the city celebrated a Steam Festival with a number of "steam" inspired events - the main one being the visit of a beautiful steam engine.

JA 492 at Dunedin Railway Station with the Gadgeteers Steam Punk Group
The Steam Punk group were out in full costume - some were more gothic than punk.  I was feeling too shy to join them - I had a "dress up session" in the privacy of my bedroom. On Saturday we took the steam engine journey from Dunedin to Sawyers Bay and back.  The woohoo of the whistle echoed across the harbour and around the hills.  Fortunately the weather calmed down and the rain paused so we could enjoy the scenery.  Dear H would be able to tell you lots about the steam engine as he is a real rail fan.  All I can say is that the rocking motion, the noise and the smell were fantastic.   

In the afternoon we took the 11yo and her best friend on a visit to Cadbury World, at the Cadbury factory.  The smell was divine - much nicer than the train!  The girls loved the tour, especially the chocolate waterfall.  I liked the tasting of melted chocolate best of all.  I won't tell you how many samples I had.  Afterwards we came home and the girls watched "Mrs Doubtfire" in the afternoon and ate pizza and birthday cake for tea.   

Yesterday I did some sewing - taking in a beautiful home-made dress I bought from Presbyterian Support during the week.  (To my delight there was a half price sale so I scored the dress, a vintage gypsy skirt and a modern sequin floral top all for $10.)  In the afternoon, Dear H and I also visited our new section of land.  The rhododendron garden is looking spectacular.  Unfortunately the weather has been very changeable with wind and rain, so there is no chance of doing some much-needed weeding.  

I have enjoyed this extra day off work even though I was on leave during the school holidays.  The more time I am away from work, the less I want to go back.  That is especially true of this week, as I have my "professional development review" - YUK.  

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Ew....professional development!! I love those socks, they are awesome. Also what fun to travel on a steam train, I love old trains.

  2. Happy Birthday to the delightful Miss M!!!! Your weekend sounds fab. I love the smell of steam trains. Love your outfit...especially the blue skirt. I hope your return to work won't be too depressing. If only holidays could go on forever! Xx

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Those socks are brilliant.
    We used to go to a festival called IndieTracks and it was held on a vintage steam railway station, the acts all played on the old trains and it was such fun. x

  4. Hi Penny-Rose
    how fun to see an event I was involved in - as one of the local steampunks - from another's POV. & You would have been very welcome to join us
    I blogged about the steamfest here :

    Did you make it to the ball? if you're still interested in steampunk check us out on facebook under 'Dunedin Steampunk'

    kind regards


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