Friday, August 10, 2012

Venturing out of hibernation......

Well, I thought I might come out of hibernation to see what is going on in the world.  My family and I have all been sick with the ghastly flu like virus.  This week just passed was a real struggle at work because I spent most of the previous week at home.  The only good thing to come out of it all was that I watched quite a lot of the Olympics.  While at work, my colleagues were wonderful, threatening to take me home, put me in quarantine..... etc.  They all made me feel better by making work fun.  I totally agree with the saying "laughter is the best medicine".

Anyway, to celebrate Frock on Friday I decided to make a real effort and here are the results:

Photo by Penny-Rose
Astrakhan Coat - Refind Rig $10
Black and white 1070s evening dress chopped off below the knee - Toffs $2
Red flower and black and white scarf - retail
Red cardigan and "cow bag" - Butterflies Hospice Shop
plastic bangles - various op shops
Black shoes - SaveMart $8

Photo by Penny-Rose

I got the sewing machine out today to add some extra length to the sleeves of a sweatshirt for my daughter.  The sizing of modern clothes is really weird - she is 11 years old but wearing size 14 girls clothes and nearly all the tops have really really short arms.  Polar fleece sweatshirts which are the right length in the body, for some reason only have the equivalent of 3/4 sleeves.

So I chopped off the cuffs, added some fleece I bought in the scraps section of the Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale and then added some ribbing bought from St Clair Design sale a couple of years back.

In terms of my own sewing I am in the midst of modifying a 1970s over dress into a skirt.  I bought it at Christianne's in Port Chalmers.  Its dark green with white polka dots.  The bodice was really small for me - I could not even get my arms through the arm holes, but when Christianne offered it to me for %4 (instead of $25) I immediately said yes, knowing that it would make a lovely skirt.  I cut the bodice off and now, I am putting some pleats in the top of the skirt and about to re-fashion a waistband from the bodice.

Despite vowing I will not buying anything else from Trademe I find myself drawn to items of clothing in the vintage section, or in the Art Deco and Retro category.  Because I have not been well I have not bought anything for a while, so an easy purchase online alleviated my feelings of missing op-shopping.

Below is a bad photo of the Sonya Smart dress - size 18.  Its made of some kind of cotton twill type fabric which reminds me a little of very fine needlecord.  Although it has a couple of buttons at the neck it also has a zip in the centre back .....which is completely unnecessary.  I can easily get it on over my head.  So I intend to remove the zip and sew up the back.  I also need to re-hem the dress and one of the sleeves.  Its a funny shade of purple with bright blue green and two shades of pink spots and flowers.  Very kitsch.  What do you think?

Photo by Penny-Rose

At the moment it is on the washing line - I would type drying, but as it is a gloomy grey Dunedin afternoon it is not technically drying.  It is hanging in the air.  Limp and lifeless.  I will bring it in shortly and leave it to dry properly in front of the fire.  Nearly 11 yo daughter is at a birthday party/sleep over so Dear H and I are going to Little India and then coming home to watch a DVD Tyrannosaur which appealed to me amongst all the other nauseating romantic comedies and dreadful action adventure.

Lastly my dear readers, I want to show you my pink hair...its only light pink but it is definitely pink:

Photo by Penny-Rose

Here it is the night it was done - my fabulous hairdresser Kerry did it in a cute curl.  I felt like a character from Dr Seuss - and I mean that it in the nicest way.  As I have learnt from reading Peetee's Palace, you can never be too old for pink hair.  Next time I might try violet.

Okay, all for now, hope you are all having a lovely weekend, and may the thrifting and crafting goddess be kind to you all,



  1. Sorry to hear you've been feeling sick - there's been lots of sickness going around at my work at the moment - I've managed to escape it so far!!

    I really love your new hair - the curl is cute and pick suits you:)

  2. *Eeep* I think alot of people have been feeling yucky lately.
    But I am glad you showed up for Frock on Friday. =D
    Cute outfit and I LOVE your coat it looks so cozy!

    p.s. Hair curl and color = AWESOME!

  3. Oh sorry to here you have been so sick, it's just yucky.
    You look just fabulous in your Friday outfit. The red coat is great.
    I hope you have a wonderful week, with no winter bugs.
    Love v

  4. Oh rats I put red coat, oops I am so tired. Fabulous brown coat, with a lovely furry collar. Sorry
    Love v

  5. Sorry to hear about all the poorliness.
    Love that super-warm looking coat and the frock, I think the print on the purple frock is great, and I love your pink curl! xx

  6. Hope you're all feeling fine now. That coat's lovely, the lining's gorgeous and your pink streak is cool. x

  7. Hey Love, I've been trying to work out how to contact you about our trip. Can you send me your email address or leave it as a comment on my blog? I'm on
    Thanks. Xx

  8. So sorry you've been sick - hope you are feeling better! Sarah xxx


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