Thursday, August 23, 2012

All that glitters is not pink, or polka dotted....

I am not really very sure about the blog title today - but one thing I am sure of, is the content.  Finally I have downloaded some photos!

The first couple are from two weeks ago - the inaugural wearing of the "Sonya Smart" purple floral shirt dress.

Sonya Smart dress, Trademe $5
Pink cardigan, SaveMart $7
Pink tights, No 1 Shoes
Furry Shoes, St V de P
Necklace, gift from dear Childhood Friend
Bracelet, gift from Dear D and Dear H

The colour of the dress is in reality a dark purple and the flowers are two shades of pink with green and turquoise.  I love this dress - I can see that I will be able to wear it with different accessories.  However, on the first wearing I wore it with pink - a lot of pink :-)

Close up of turquoise necklace

In my last post I told you that I had bought 5 new dresses recently.  I have already worn the black and white one (pictured below) but somehow forgot to take a photo of me wearing it!!

Black and White "Level 5" dress, Butterflies, $4

The pink one is a lovely silky polyester and a wide skirt - not quite a full circle.  I haven't worn it yet.

Pink "Sarah" dress, Butterflies, $4
However, I did wear the new "Glamis" dress today and was really happy and comfortable with it.  The neckline is a bit like a funnel, kind like a loose polo neck.  I did wonder if it would annoy me but it did not and teamed up with my silver belt and a grey cardigan I was very happy with this outfit.

Glamis Polyester dress, Orphans Aid Intl 

Here is a slightly closer photo - I think the pattern is like feathers or leaf skeletons and the colours remind me of lava or the agent orange scenes from Apocolypse Now (we watched the Redux version in the weekend and I thought it was amazing).

Black leather jacket, Salvation Army
Silver belt, Portmans
Grey tights, retail
Thankfully it did not rain today, so I was able to take a couple of photos when we got home from work while it was still light.  The garden is looking very very green after the torrential rain we've had.  I found a beautiful tiny mushroom amongst the leaf litter at the back of the garden under some trees.  It is dwarfed by a self-sown hebe which is about 6cms tall.

Blossom is just starting to come out on a couple of trees and my beloved tree peonies are starting bud.  The herbacious ones are already send up red shoots through the saturated soil.  I hope we get some sunny days to dry things out, else the tubers could rot!!!

Okay, that's about it from me for today, tomorrow its Frock on Friday and I think I will go and have a try on in my room as I am thinking of wearing one of my other new dresses.


  1. How fab is that Sonia Smart dress!!!! I love it on you. I hope you leave a few frocks for me at the Dunedin op shops or I'll come away empty handed! I hope you have a great weekend, & if I've got the energy I'll be in touch. Xx

  2. You have been a busy bee, what a haul! That first dress is lovely, gorgeous aubergine background colour! The polo necked dress such a good fit on you. x

  3. 5 new frocks! I'm rather jealous. The first dress really suits you - I love it with hot pink tights xoxo


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