Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frock on Friday

For your viewing pleasure, 
I am pleased to present 
my Frock on Friday Frock for 24th August:

1980s Osti dress, Toffs $2
Red cardigan, Butterflies, $4
Fur stole with pom-poms, Trademe $1
Black leather jacket, Salvation Army $8
Blue belt (not visible) Butterflies, $1
Tights and shoes retail
....and because I like cute things, here are two of my companions who share my office:  Little Boy Blue Pepper Pot and his friend Elasti-cat:

Little Boy Blue Pepper Pot, Weirs second hand furniture store, 50 cents
Elasti-cat, St V de P , $2

I am so looking forward to the weekend - fingers crossed for a catch-up with the lovely Vintage Bird Girl!!  Dear H is away to a conference for a few days so Dear D and I are planning to get up to some mischief ;-)  We have a trip to the library and to the swimming pool all planned, but I think she is hoping for some shopping and chocolate as well, and also some DVDS and popcorn.  Last week we watched "The Hunger Games" (awesome) and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" (kinda cute).  This weekend she wants to watch "The Lorax".

All in all the forecast is for a good weekend: Hope you all have a great one!

PS I found this truly awesome Poodle Barometer in the "Free" box outside Weirs Second Hand Furniture store which is located a block from my work place.  It is a wonderful store for old furniture especially made from Kauri and Rimu which are beautiful, and now protected NZ native timber.  When I saw this I immediately thought of Vix.  No visitor to my office has dared to comment on it (yet).  I think it is because it is so desirable and gorgeous.  What do you think?


  1. Just been catching up - you've been showcasing some smashing frocks lately! And I love this outfit today too.. pretty good for $16!
    I love that green poodle thing from the free box! I often wonder what gets hiffed out by shop workers who think that no-one will want it!

  2. GREAT fof outfit! You look very cheery and bright. Plus I love blue and red together.
    Boy and cat are so sweet.
    I totally love that poodle clock and yes it is SOOOO VIX!

  3. I love your outfit - so bright & cherry - I also love your office friends.

    I can't believe that wee poodle was in the "free" box! Weird they thought no-one would want it, does the clock still work?

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments. The poodle just screamed "SAVE ME!" as it sat amongst the tupperware lids and mismatched placemats and whatever else was in the box. I did not even hesitate. "You are coming home with me!" I did say this aloud and it is possible that some one heard me but I did not care.

  5. That poodle is amazing! He's just brilliant, great colour and so lkitsch and tacky, love him! Your legs look fab in those blue tights. x

  6. I LOVE elasticat!!! And so nice to rediscover heaps of lovely vintage bloggers here who I haven't visited in ages... will have to have a catch up with them now!

  7. Ooh I love the fab kitsch poodle barometer! And I love your blue/red combo too! Sarah xxx


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