Friday, June 8, 2012

Project updates: knitting

Hi y'all, I thought I would do a quick "project update" post while 10 yo daughter watches HP and the Goblet of Fire (again, sigh).  Hopefully we have synchronised things nicely and HP will be all over red rover by the time it is Sherlock.

Anyway, here in the lower south island of NZ we are shivering.... Alas,  there are no photos of me dolled up in my Astakhan (spelling????)  coat which I have never previously worn.  It reminds me of a poodle - an aged one at that.  After wearing it to and from work I came home to find that a large amount of the curls were coming off and I spent the best part of an evening re-sewing curls back on.  After a frustrating hour myopically stabbing here and there I resorted to craft glue.  I promise, I will post photos of the coat because it is truly awesome.

In the meanwhile, I have become rather obsessed with knitting hats.  The red and grey beret is now completed and my 10yo has worn it several times.  It is not as special as the $1 skater cap she bought from "$2 and more" store.  I then embarked on a voyage of discovery and decided to use a skein of recycled sari silk which I bought at least two years ago, and have knitted into a scarf shape and then pulled undone as the effect was totally unsatisfactory.  To my surprise, it knitted up rather nicely.  I used to spare grey 4 ply for the base and then the sari silk and then the top in grey again.  As you can see from the photo below, the colours are stunning.

I think I bought the sari silk off Trademe for around $10.  The grey wool is from my stash, inherited from my mother-in-law.

Hats are a pleasant and easy diversion from my major project which is proving to be rather tiresome. The purple cardigan with lace pattern.  I have finished one front and have started the second.  My lace motifs are not all the same, in fact, some of them meander quite drunkenly towards the centre - I hope when it is sewn up and I have done the bands that it will be barely noticeable.

I also started a third project - for my dear darling H.  He suffers from allergies and cannot wear wool, so I took advantage of the 30% off all yarn sale at Spotlight and bought enough to make him something from this vintage pattern:

I am making him a round neck sweater with raglan sleeves - and I am using Marvel 8 ply.  It is knitting up really quickly which is very satisfying.

Regular readers of my blog will know about the Ravensbourne Foot bridge which crosses the railway line.  It was recently repaired and reopened.  Imagine my delight when I noticed that a local bus shelter has been repainted....depicting the iconic bridge:

 ..and look for all those train afficionados the other side appears to depict a W Class locomotive.  Dear H is delighted (he is the one with the steam train know-how!)

Okay, its over and out for me, its been a funny week with a holiday on Monday, but I am still very glad it is Friday night!  I am going to knit a few rows and await Sherlock. xx


  1. All your knitting projects look lovely - I always admire those who can knit & crochet as I am just not patient enough! Lovely murals of the bridge and train too - oh and it is cold up here in Wellington too :(

  2. "some of them meander quite drunkenly" - oh what a perfect way to describe a slightly frustrating project that isn't behaving itself! I do love the sound of your coat and can't wait to see pics - I'm not sure if the fabric is the same as Persian lamb? Thanks for sharing the lovely restoration pics - so special! And thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog:)) x

  3. Long time no stopping by to visit ... I am happy to return again and find you with so many projects together, I hope you are happy and enjoy the long weekend with knitting needles, a hug.

  4. Astrakan (google is your friend!!!) is FABULOUS and we need PICS OF YOU MODELLING IT PLEASE! Your knitting is SPLENDIFEROUS! Drunken meandering is marvellous - I hope we will get to see pics of your wonderful finished products... and those bus stop paintings are gorgeous. Sarah xxx


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