Friday, July 6, 2012

So what have I been up to for the last month?

Well, readers I have been away from my blog for nearly a month.  The result of a particularly cold and dark winter and a bit of missing blog mojo.

I had my hair done by Kerri, at the excellent Java.  She did a cute coil roll and kindly took a photo for me so that I could show you all.  Alas, its now a few weeks out of date!

I bought a very bright orange flower hair accessory to keep away the winter blues.....

Don't worry I have kept up with the winter thrifting....I just seem to have been too tired in the evenings to download photos and post!!   Here I am wearing a $4 polyester dress from St Vincent de Paul....

 ...and here is another polyester vision of loveliness which was $2 from Toffs.

I work in a very warm centrally heated, air conditioned, well above world health organisation standards, temperature-wise building.  However, its been so wintery I have had to wear a singlet!!! as well as my dresses and cardigans.  I am not sure if I prefer the green dress with the grey belt and cardi, or with the yellow lurex one below..what do you think?

I have renounced Trademe....well, for the time being.  Below is my last purchase - a genuine Tekau polyester acrylic argyle vest.  It was $14 but the postage was $6 so it was a very expensive purchase for me.  I teamed it up with turquoise because I was wearing purple and turquoise socks....

There have been one or two nice days was spent walking along the mole at Aramoana, and look what I saw there:

The only other nice day I can recall was the day of the Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale....just look at the colour of the sky behind the steeple of First Church in Moray Place:

At the sale I found an amazing sewing machine - look at the amazing fonts and graphics on the newspaper size information sheet

There was so much fabric I almost did not know what to do with myself.  I stayed for around 2 hours and as the fabric was all reduced to half price in the last fifteen minutes I had to make some difficult decisions!!!

When it finally came to making a choice I chose 4 different polyesters - all vintage - some bright yellow stretch, to make underwear with when I finally have time....

I like the look of these skirts - I have so many bits of polyester and trevira now, I wonder if I have enough to make a patchwork skirt???

I could not resist this crochet book, if only I looked as demure and serious as this lady.  Truthfully readers I have just finished reading the ubiquitous Fifty Shades of Grey.  Seeing this crochet book just made me snigger.  Actually the book was a bit lame in parts and I skipped bits.

I already have one of the Turabast pattern books so was very happy to see another one:

All up I think I spent $14.  I got a couple of 1950s knitting patterns for hats too, which somehow I have forgotten to photograph.  I really enjoyed being at the sale - its so much fun and the lovely ladies who were volunteering for PSS were very chatty and kind.

Since the sale though I have felt quite jaded - a sign of being sick of winter - and then last week I got a really bad cold which decided to convert itself into a sinus and chest infection.  I have been working on the sweater for my dear H who is 45 on Monday (sssshhhhhh don't tell anyone I put this in my blog, as he is a bit sensitive about it).  There is no way I will be finished by his birthday this year, so maybe it will be a gift in 2014!!

Right, need to go curl up by the addicted to Angry Birds on the new iPad.  I will retreat to my Anita Blake novel and a cup of tea.  I have more to share and feel my blogging mojo is gradually coming back.

Hope you are cool if you are somewhere hot, that you are warm if you are in NZ, and where-ever you are, may the force of thrifting be with you.



  1. I have been sick for the past 4 days - so I totally understand the winter blues!

    Quite jealous of your fabric haul!

    1. Just read your recent blog post and I do hope you are feeling better now. Must admit I am still not quite 100% but I did get out in the sunshine today which made a huge difference. I need to see the sun!! The fabric haul is pretty good - but to compensate I sorted out my fabric stash and filled a 60 litre bag. What goes out has to be greater than what comes in - my house is too small!!

  2. I have missed you during your blog hiatus. So nice to see you back. Loving the hair, & of course the frocks. I like the green dress with either cardi, although if it was me I would probably go the grey one. Do you think Toffs should be on my agenda when we visit Dunedin? Maybe I should do Toffs instead of bothering with Savemart? Love the look of that sewing machine & the funky pictures. I hope you have a lovely weekend & keep warm! Xx

    1. Oh, thats lovely that you missed me, that's so sweet of you. How exciting to be planning a trip to Dunedin!!!!!! Can I assume a blogger meet up is in order??????? Toffs is my new favourite store - I was there yesterday but ran out of time to post details and photos last night. When I see pics of you on the Sunshine coast and at the Eumundi market I remember my fabulous holiday there which was 3 or 4 years ago now.


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