Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Toffs is my new favourite store....

Toffs is my new favourite store - I keep finding amazing bargains!!

On Friday I had a day off work and I had planned on making a pair of pyjama pants.  Well, I did make a pair, but they were a total failure.  I was still in the midst of the sinus infection and the fluffy flannelette I bought from the Fabric Sale was not good quality.  Instead of thinking: is this a great idea -  my head is all stuffy, the fabric is fluffy and its all twisty and turny, maybe I should do something else.  But no, no, no.  I am not the type to change my mind.

So the beligerent fabric was twisted into shape - a shape that my dear readers would be more becoming on Nellie the Elephant, or Dorothy the Dinosaur.  A stuffy headed slip of the stitch ripper and voila - a huge gaping rent in the fabric.  The sewing goddess was sending me a message.  Just stop what you are doing.

So, in vengenance against all crappy fabric I decided to fill a 60 litre rubbish bag with all the awful fabric which I have stashed over the years, the cut offs from dresses I have butchered and the metres of cheap stuff which I have bought from Spotlight, hoping, wishing to make into some vision of loveliness.

Purging never felt so good.

Then I popped into town to meet Mr H for lunch and afterwards, I thought to myself "I think I will pop into Toffs".

What treasure awaited me!!!

This red knit polyester dress, my favourite Osti brand - with pretty, but not machine washable lace:

Okay, so the lace did not survive the machine, but it was soon replaced with some from the "lace stash".  Oh did I mention it was only $2???

Then, I found a beautiful hand made evening dress - a lovely purple floral polyester:

Its hard to see the pattern but its lovely.  I did not try the dress on as I envisaged it as a skirt.  As it happens when I looked at it closely (after cutting the skirt off LOL) the seams were wide enough through the top for me to let it out considerably.  Now I have a top and a skirt.  Oh, and it was $2 too.

PS Wore the purple skirt yesterday and received several comments about the lovely colour!!


  1. Both dresses are lovely, my fave has to be the purple one though. I am really fond of purple but barely own any of it in the way of clothing. *hahaha*

  2. Oh the red Osti is fabulous, what a amazing price.
    Love v

  3. What a great haul - the sewing gods may have not been happy with you but the op shop gods were clearly watching over you! Also $2!!! I don't think you can buy ANYTHING in a Wellington op shop for $2 - well done you xoxo


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