Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekly round up

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand - its nice to have a Monday off work as it makes the weekend longer.  Its been a busy week for me work-wise as I had several meetings (two related to my union work), so I have appreciated an extra day.  

The first thing I want to share is the highlight of my week: I met up with Owlinalarkworld we went opshopping!! It was so much fun!  We talked and talked and talked and we went to Butterflies Hospice Shop.  We talked about thrifting, unions, reading and all sorts.  I hope we get to catch up again.  

I bought a few things this week - the first was these super cute gloves:

I know, I am being an idiot, but I just did not want my face in the photo.  The gloves needed a wash and I am not sure if the colour had already run, or if I did it, but there is a bit of black dots running unfortunately.  They are so cute though, and its barely noticeable.  Not bad for $3.  At the same time I scored a cool pair of ankle boots, black leather for $9.

Oh, and the red cardi I am wearing was also from Butterflies, the brand is FOIL and it appears to be brand new.  I picked it up when I was shopping with Owlinalarkworld It was $5 and I wore it the next day teamed up with a bright blue long sleeve top for maximum colour brightness.  Not visible is a black and red polka dotted pleated skirt.

Colour seems to have been on my mind quite a bit, so I made an effort on Friday to be as bright as possible.  I was meeting up with a friend I have not seen for two or three years and I was not sure she would recognise me as I have grown my hair since she last saw me!!  These flouro pink tights from No 1 Shoes worked well with a black and white maxi dress which I cut down to below the knee (or should that be cut up??).  It was a sod to hem as it is on the bias and it took hours.  The photos of the outfit were really stinky so you will have to make do with a shoe shot: DV8 leather shoes, $9 SaveMart.

In amongst the washing, knitting, grocery shopping, play-dates and dinner with friends,  and other household chores, we watched TinTin on DVD and really enjoyed it.  I've read a couple of the books but I am not a die-hard fan unlike some I know.  On the retro theme, today we watched the Smurfs - a real blast from my past.  It was cute and harmless family fun.

Right my uninterrupted internet time is over, so thats all from me.  Hope you all have a good week,


  1. It was grand to meet up and stalk each other!
    Felt less isolated and weird in my bloggy world.
    Digging the gloves. Gloves are so classy.
    Anyway, have a grand short week. :)

    1. It was fun to meet and talk. I am glad you feel less isolated, but I assure you, you are not weird. I did worry that I talked too much!!

  2. Oh the polka dot gloves are fabulous.
    Yay to play time op-shopping!!!
    Love v

  3. How cool to meet up with Owlinalarkworld. I love her blog too. Glad you scored at the op shops. Super cute gloves & tights! I hope you survive the freezing conditions coming your way this week! Xx

  4. Those tights are fab, just the job fro brightening up a dull winter's day. x

  5. I love the idea of bright pink tights with a white dress. It's always fun to meet blog friends IRL :D

  6. I love your hot pink tights! And your polka dot gloves. I also like how you covered your face - not because I don't want to see your face(!) but because you follow your instincts and that's what gives us these fantastic, artful posts!

  7. Great pink tights and cute gloves. How nice to have met up with a fellow blogger for an op shopping trip too! xxxx


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