Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Would I describe my dress style as cute?

I am a great fan of Bambi figurines like the ones above. I have a large collection which sadly have no fixed abode at present (no safe shelves or display cabinet) and are nestled in shredded office paper in a box, safely tucked away in the roof. I do have one on my desk with a bell around its neck, which is a little Christmas-sy but not overtly so.

However much I love Bambi/deer and I love the cute eye lashes and the little white dots, I cannot think of myself as cute. I do not dress cute. The cutest I have ever dressest (familiar readers will recognise that I am parodying cyute tawk wich is evewy where on da interweb) is the polka dot floral skirt ensemble worn for a 1950s birthday party.

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