Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do I have an ironic dress style or ironic outfit?

I rarely cut and post but BricksnBag's comment on Already Pretty just grabbed me. you can read it here:


And in summary: BricksnBag said...

I wonder if posters feel the same way about other types of ironic dressing, such as pairing a biker jacket with pearls, or wearing workwear or western-inspired clothes in an urban setting.


More Than Meets The I: I don't see dressing ironically to be not letting one's inner voice out. For some of us our inner voice IS a cheeky, irreverant one ;).

Do I dress ironically? Do I like to juxtapose things? Do I like to say something with what I am wearing????


  1. Darl, no-one would know how you dress, as you hardly ever post any pics.........

  2. Good point. I'll get the camera out and get busy.


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