Thursday, November 4, 2010

Simplicity Three Hour Shirt - Project Status: Completed

This was a very easy pattern for me to use and I am pleased with the result.
It is however, bigger than I anticipated, and even though I do have broad shoulders, I should have made small, not medium, but never mind. Due to my loathing of button holes I sewed the front up and tried to make it look like it did have button holes. Since this photo I have taken the buttons off as I felt they were too heavy (green glass ones purchased from the Butterflies shop for $1). I have selected some other green ones and will sew on soon.

The thin Obi style belt was hastily thrown together because I felt the shirt was quite roomy it needed to be drawn in. The dark green fabric is one of the many remnants from my bag of goodies from St Clair design which were in a $10 scrap bag.

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