Sunday, January 19, 2014

Return to work outfit and thoughts of Marlon Brando

Well I went back to work today....somewhat reluctantly.  It was nice to dress-up and wear a dress again.  

Vintage polyester dress of indeterminate age, bought off Trademe, worn with military belt from the Hospice Shop and blue beads from the Presbyterian Support Shop.  The blue plastic shoes, head band and ring are all retail. 

A week or so ago my family and I visited the Otago Museum to see an exhibition called was about motorcycles.  Although I did not linger over each exhibit like many of the (predominantly) male patrons, I did appreciate the design and styling of many of the bikes.  When I saw there was a photo opportunity I cajoled my 12 yo to take a photo of me:

Not exactly the Wild One!  Wearing a vintage cotton skirt from Savemart in Blenheim, and leather jacket from the Salvation Army shop, worn with retail hat, tights and plastic boots.
I had not considered actually sitting on a bike - if I had maybe I would have worn jeans!  As it happens the Wild One is a film on my "must watch" list for this year. I really like being able to interact with exhibits in galleries and museums, it makes the experience much more enjoyable.  Part of me wants to go back and have my photo taken again wearing something completely different!  What would you wear??  Leave a comment and let me know.

Hope you all have  a good week!

xx Penny-Rose 


  1. Blue & white is such a winning combo. I love the big ring too! I think your outfit is perfect for straddling least you do have tights on! I hope the return to work isn't too much a shock to the system. Xx

  2. Yay sweet........looking wonderful in the blue and white.....fantastic plastic blue sandals.......
    Oh we must go to that exhibition soon.
    Happy back to work week.
    Love v

  3. I hope your return to work has been OK. You're looking great for the occasion anyway, love the navy and white theme.
    For posing on a motorbike? A leather catsuit, obviously! xxx

  4. Curtise is right, it has to be a leather peel catsuit. You look amazing on the bike in your beautiful leather jacket, it's finding such treasure that compel me to return to op shops again and again! Seriously in love with your sandals! I hope your first day back wasn't too much of a nightmare. xo

  5. *Mrs Peel* catsuit I mean't to say ;) xxx

  6. I really want some of those plastic shoes like the ones you have - love that shade of blue. Great photo riding the bike :D

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    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.


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