Thursday, January 9, 2014

Frock on Friday - the first for 2014, and UFO sighting confirmed.

So here we are in 2014 and it's time for a Frock on Friday post.  

Lady Lichfield polyester sun dress (yes Made in New Zealand) Toffs ($2), vintage knitted bag with plastic handles (also from Toffs $2) worn with cardigan from the Hospice Shop, selection of bangles (blue and orange thrifted) the yellow one is from Lovisa, and orange plastic shoes from Rubi.
Due to the less than ideal weather there were few photo opportunities this week (ie we went nowhere interesting and when we did it was grey and gloomy).  However, when a ray of sun penetrated the grey I bribed  my 12 yo accomplice to take a snap of me beside some new Dunedin Street Art (the payment was a book from an amazing second hand book store which deserves a post all of its own.)

Bottom left: 1980s homemade cotton skirt found at Presbyterian Support Shop, with thrifted tee shirt and belt, plastic shoes from Rubi.

We also discovered a really cool electric stair chair (the real name of such a contraption escapes me) which stated "Unless you are old or infirm do not use this chair).  Next time I go there I will take a walking stick just so I can ride the chair and pretend to be old and/or infirm.

Over the last couple of days, while 12 yo has been watching movies and drawing and chatting to her friend who came over I have put the time to good use.  I decided to resurrect a few sewing projects from the Unfinished Sewing Object pile. 

First, I put elastic in the pink pyjama shorts I made more than a year ago and used cheap nasty ribbon to hold them up.  This was my priority task as I had been procrastinating on inserting elastic for about a year.  Then, inspired, and with the warm summer nights in mind, I decided to make another pair using a remnant of crafting cotton from my stash.  (I did bind the centre seam for comfort and I know the stripes don't match up but it is bed wear after all).  With my confidence increasing I retried the purple homemade top.  I bound the arm holes with bias binding and as it is now sleeveless it actually fits me.  I was originally attracted to the unusual print showing a man with a horse in a forest, and I am ashamed to say it has been languishing *unworn* in the UFO pile since I bought it from the St V de P.  Now it is a perfectly presentable top for wearing in bed with the shorts!  Finally, the green cotton (on right) was once a dress for day wear, but after several failed attempts at converting it to a top with sleeves made from an off cut from the hem I had vanquished it to the UFO pile in frustration.  Now it is completed and sleeveless and ready for nightwear.

Now all I need is some hot, sultry Dunedin nights so I can wear them!! 

I really should not complain about the weather when I see on the news the floods in the UK and Polar Vortex across the states.  Is it too much though to ask for some summery weather before I return to the dreaded "W" place?  Hope you are all keeping warm and dry!

Penny-Rose xx 


  1. I too love the idea of those chair lifts! disappointingly though, they go slower than a snail.
    good on you for tackling the UFOs

  2. Gosh you're looking spunk-alicious in your beautiful green frock!! I love your bangles, shoes, bag and cardi ... yes all of it!!!!! I swooned at the sight of your bright green PJ top and sleep shorts, why oh why haven't I made myself some??? Clever idea indeed! xoxoxoox

  3. Love the colours in that frock and the way you've highlighted them with those fabulous bangles.
    Ahhh, the Stannah stairlift! Well, there are other brands, of course, but I always think of them as Stannahs (a bit like a vacuum cleaner is always a Hoover and sticky tape is always Sellotape!)
    Good job on rescuing the tops and shorts from the UFO pile and turning them into summer PJs. Let's hope the warm weather eventually arrives for you to wear them! xxxx

  4. Well you know how I feel about that first frock....there is something about the colours & print that makes my heart sing! I love your accessories, shoes & cardigan. Just perfect! And you look super pretty in the second combo. Maybe I can ride the chair on our next visit! Well done on resurrecting some sewing projects. I bought 10 vintage dress patterns yesterday. Feeling inspired! I hope you get some nice warm sunny weather ASAP. Xx

  5. Those blue and orange plastic shoes are so cute! I hade shoes like that in elementary school but they were clear


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