Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Mad Hatter

Green blue floral polyester hat Savemart $2
 My camera has not quite captured the colours on this amazing polyester hat (above).  I was not only attracted to the fabric but also the overall design of the hat.  It is a bit like a badly wrapped present in some ways - well actually it "looks" like it is.  When carefully examined I discovered that the fabric is wrapped around the shell/head piece very carefully.  I think it might be homemade as there are no tags inside, or maker's marks.

Purple velvet hat Savemart $2
 In contrast this one is almost symmetrical and reminds me of a wrapped Christmas pudding!!  Again the colour is not quite real, but you can see that the velvet has real texture and lustre and the hat is in almost perfect condition.  No makers tag to identify it, and I have no idea as to it's age.
Brown trilby hat with flower
 I bought myself a brown felt trilby style hat a couple of years ago - on semi-impulse when the local "posh" department store had a sale.  I paid $20 for it and have only worn it a couple of times (recently).  It is a fairly formal hat and lovely as the chocolate brown colour is, it does not "fit" with many outfits. 
By comparison this jaunty little straw number seems to be able to accompany a number of outfits - tee shirts and jeans, summer dresses.  But due to being made of straw it is most definitely a summer hat - and not suitable for grey winter days.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous array of hats. That top one is making me green with envy. x

  2. How on earth did you find such a fantastic hat at Savemart? I am always deeply disappointed by those stores.


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