Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fabulous Fabric from Tessuti

Versace Fabric for sale - just one of the many designer fabrics available
To my delight, Tessuti Fabric was just around the corner from where we were staying in Melbourne, and I was able to visit twice!  The first time was to just a walk around with my mouth open and my tongue hanging out LOL.  The second visit was to make a purchase....I fell in love with the red and turquoise cotton (pics 4 and 5) so I took a few photos and a fabric swatch.  Each day I looked at the swatch and the photos and asked myself, "do you really love this" and  "will you make it into something useful and wear it".  Each day I said Yes to both things and on the second last day in Melbourne I returned to make a modest purchase :-)

Cute bow tie fabric
If you look closely you can see the price (and the discount!)
Close up of the fabric I purchased to make a pirate shirt or similar

This fabric reminds me of crocheted flowers.  The detail in the print is amazing, and I wonder if it was a digital design.  The contrast of the red and turquoise is amazing, and I love the chain / rope / effect of the threads interconnecting the flowers.  I am imagining a plain top with big-ish sleeves.  My mother suggested a skirt - what do you think?

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