Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Start of a New Year

Happy New Year!

Annabelle-Alice wears cotton top with broderie cowl collar and gingham skirt with applique roses. In the background, along the window sill you can see a turquoise frosted glass candlestick on the left and on the right a blue one with a pink flower posey just visible.

This year, I hope to achieve the following:

1. continue to buy second hand clothes - be they second hand, thrift, free, brand new with tags but unworn, unwanted gifts, or in the lost property box, or rubbish. I will not buy brand new;

2. regularly conduct a wardrobe audit: orphans (clothes which go with nothing or only one thing) and lemons (don't suit or fit me or I don't like, or were impulse purchases) must be removed;

3. orphans and lemons must be taken to Recycle Boutique or Refind Rig, or promoted on Trade Me, until sold and if not sold then donated to charity. Arrange a clothes swap at work or a stall at the Port Chalmers Fair;

4. discover fair trade or organic or bamboo underwear;

5. costume jewellery, scarves, gloves and shoes which have not seen the light of day for a season are to be treated like orphan or lemon clothing NOT pushed to the back of the wardrobe/drawer/box;

6. sew my own pyjamas or night shirt;

7. sew an item of clothing for a friend for no reason other than I would like to;

8. finish knitting projects which were started last winter;

9. keep a record of the money spent on clothes, the time spent sewing;

10. update this blog once a week at least!

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  1. Hi, happy New Year! Great aspirations. I have LOT of clothing I don't want - mostly stuff I have been given (second hand) that actually either don't fit or are "wrong" - in my case too short or have 3/4 sleeves which I hate. But they are good quality. Do you want to take a look - some you might want to upcycle better than I could. Oherwise I had an idea - what about places like the Women's Refuge - I bet some of their clients come with nothing. Otherwise I could join you with a craft stall or something.


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