Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration from Movies

I have been watching a few old movies recently - all recorded off Stratos as they screen too late for me. They are from the "Schlocky Horror" timeslot of 12.30am so I had pre-conceived ideas about the "quality" of the films.First up was the Amazing Mr X (1948). I enjoyed this movie - the beach scenes in particular. Even though the title is about a male character it was the relationship between the two sisters which really appealed to me. The setting was fantastic - I am not sure if the house was real or not, but it was literally perched on the edge of a cliff and was almost art deco design with a large curved wall and a patio with steps down to the beach. The clothing was lovely - floaty fabrics and two stunning evening outfits.Next came The Bat (1959) which I knew would be a horror, but I did not think there would be so many murders! The poster is really cool and I love the bat shaped text. The main character is a novelist and quite a few scenes occured at night time (when bats come out funnily enough) so there were a number of night gowns and robes to admire. The day clothes seemed to be very shaped - one dress was almost like origami.
Then I chanced upon a Hitchcock which I had not heard of before - The Skin Game (1931). I have to admit I was very hesitant about googling "skin game"!The quality of this film was quite grainy so it was not easy viewing. I guessed it to be 1930s from the clothing and I was quite shocked about the subject matter! I adored the dress that Chloe wore - flimsy nightdress, or evening dress. I would like to see a better quality version of this film (and the opening 15 minutes!).

As a result of seeing these films, I have become interested in nightwear - either making it or buying it. I am thinking of something long and elegant - not flannette or wincyette!

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