Friday, September 14, 2012

Frock on Friday - a Dunedin point of view

Hello Friday-Frockers,

Dunedin is humming and buzzing at the moment because we have the mighty All Blacks and Springboks in town to play rugby tomorrow night.  

Kindergartens are decorated with black and white balloons, schools are holding black and white themed discos, shops have black and white crepe paper I decided to wear pink, a very un-rugby colour.

It was warm-ish at lunch time, around 15 degrees Celsius, and I wish I had taken my photos then, because this evening when we got home it was decidedly chilly and I was saying "hurry up and take the photo I am freezing".....

Pink polyester  "Sarah" dress, Butterflies Hospice Shop $4
I tried to do a "twirl" so you could all see the lovely fabric in the skirt......
Penny-rose is spinning out of control.....
 ..but all I succeeded in doing was making myself feel very I went for a static shot....

The jacket will feature in another post, but I can tell you, it was op-shopped!
....I wore the belt as a head band because my hair needed something pink in it, and the waistline of the dress is a little low for me and I prefer to cinch the dress in with a wider belt.  

So, what about the turquoise blue flower?  Well I bought that at lunch time at an accessory store on a "buy three items for $10" impulse.  The other two items were tights: grey lace patterned and red mesh ones.  To my utter annoyance when I got home and tried to try them on, neither would fit.  NEITHER.  The sizing on them is "one size fits most".  The lace pair were fine in the leg, but so skimpy in the torso that they barely covered, well you can just imagine.  The red pair were impossible to get beyond my knees as the waist would not stretch enough.  I said some very very bad words which my 10yo daughter knows not to repeat.  So, do I take them back and ask for a refund/credit? or do I accept that this failure is punishment for my deviation from my year long journey of not buying myself anything new, and I give both pairs to the Butterflies Hospice Shop?  

I have come to really love fun tights and socks this year and am really disappointed that these two cheap pairs cannot even be cut down to make knee hi's without being ruined.  Any suggestions?  What would you do?

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  1. Pretty in pink! Do what I used to do into the 1980s, cut across the toe seams and cut a hole in the crotch, pop the tights on over your head and you've a top to wear under sleeveless dresses! x


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