Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly round up

First off I want to say that something silly is happening to the internet / computer and I have had not been able to post comments on the wonderful blogs written by my readers, nor any of the other blogs I read.  To my frustration I think the "block pop up" option has been on.  So sorry for not commenting, I can assure you that I have spent a lot of time reading this week!!

Well, my Easter Holiday is drawing to a daughter and I have had lots of time together and I think we both really enjoyed being away from work and school respectively.  In amongst all the boring things that still have to be done, like the washing and shopping, we also visited a large number of op-shops:
Presbyterian Support Yellow Shop
Butterflies Hospice Shop (picture below)

Rainy day outside Butterflies Hospice Shop
Polyester dress from St V de P
Boots from Frames - several years ago
Denim Jacket Sussan on sale 3 years ago

....shops visited continued:
St Vincent de Paul, South Dunedin
3 Salvation Army Family Stores in South Dunedin, Princes Street, AND North Road
Shop on Carroll, which is the upmarket Presbyterian Support Shop (pictured below).

In the late afternoons we would watch movies: Judy Moody Not Bummer of a Summer, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of the Titans and tonight Tangled.

Project update:
1. green dress from Trademe refashion - button required and then its wearable!
2. "gypsy dress" refashion completed!  - now I need an opportunity to wear it
3. dinner shirt refashion - completely ignored, I was just not in the mood for this, instead I started ANOTHER project....
4. cotton camisole top to wear in bed - just needs bias binding around top and ribbon straps
5. purple knitted cardigan - about another 5cms
6. baby hat - completed (found out via Facebook that flatmate from nearly 15 yrs ago has become a father!!!)
7. baby mitten x1 completed.

To do list:
a) complete shirt refashion
b) knit mitten x1 and bootees x2

Trading and Purchasing:
Listings posted on TradeMe = 10
Proposed listings of TradeMe = inline skates, girls bike, Barbie magnetic dress up game, Disney Princess magnetic dress up game....the list is almost never-ending!!

Purchases from TradeMe = 1x dress, 1x shirt, 1x nightie, box of bangles & necklaces, German 1970s magazine on hats, biography of Vivienne Westwood (which I have already started reading and it is very interesting.

Purchases from opshops = 1 sewing book, 2 polyester dresses, 1 pair of boots.

Blue and gold colours on a sunny day
Yellow lurex cardi Trademe
Blue and White print polyester dress $1
and blue beads $4 both from Yellow Shop
White sneakers retail
We went to the skateboard park very early one sunny morning - below is the view of First Church with Flagstaff Hill in the background.  The zigzag roof line is of the New Zealand Railways Bus Terminal which is an iconic art deco building and now the Early Settlers Museum.

photo by Penny-Rose of iconic First Church and Flagstaff Hill

photo by Penny-Rose

Above is some cool, but creepy graffiti from the skateboard park - no photos of my daughter as she is shy!!  Below is the Railway Station and a couple of wagons.  The skateboard park is behind the station so there is lots to look at ....other than children scootering, or skating.

photo by Penny-Rose .....can you see the moon???

This afternoon we went to the pool for a leisurely swim and play before picking up dad and coming home for cheese on toast.  Now its time to close, time for daughter to go to bed, and I am ready for episode 5 of Game of Thrones.  Hope you have all had a good week.


  1. I love seeing your photos of Dunedin....I miss it so much! You look super stylie in that first pic with the frock & boots. Still waiting to see you in that green Trade Me frock! Xx

  2. You've been bus! My seing project orner is piling up in a most shameful fashion...
    Love both frocks you are wearing, think the second is my favourite but it's a close call!
    Why do other people's charity/op/thrift shops always look more interesting than your own? Grass being greener, I guess... xxxx

  3. I loved Dunedin when I was there a couple of years ago....I think the op shops were a bit better than Nelson. But, I have to say I love Nelson and did find a couple of items....see my scarf shop


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