Saturday, January 14, 2012

Warrington Market and Fair - fair finds!

Hello readers, I am feeling up to a short post again today - thank you to all of you who sent good get well wishes, very much appreciated!  Today I wanted to post a photo of some of the goodies I found at the Warrington Fair which I visited two weeks ago today.

When I arrive at a fair or a market I make a quick assessment of the situation and then tend to move around in an anticlockwise direction (not sure why but it seems like the most interesting things are always on my right!!)

Straight away I found a Japanese tin train in a box - very rusty and needing a lot of TLC - and a black friction toy train just like one I had as a child! I then spied a shoe box full of bangles....and the ones pictured above.  The trains were $8 and the bangles were priced at $2 each but I did puppy dog eyes at the stall holder and snaffled the lot for $10.  

As I had two young ladies with me, it was inevitable at some stage that they would find something that they would want.  I put them off while I wandered around looking at the Japanese origami paper rings, pots of delicious chutneys, there was even a stall of quilt fabric which I did not have time to look at.  Eventually I felt the pull of the beach so to speak and told the girls that it was time to go.  Then I was subjected to puppy dog eyes, or in their case, Puss in Boots eyes (those who have seen Shrek know what I mean) and I bought them a blingy 1970s piece each, originally priced at $5 each but I bartered down to $7 for both.  Then of course, I had only a $10 note, and spied a box of rings.  How delightful!  The modern mood ring is on the right (with an oogley centre), the vintage mood ring is on the left and in the centre is a turqouise coloured stone of indefinite origin but on an adjustable band so it fits several of my fingers.  Priced at $2 each I hummed and haaa-ed and the nice stall holder agreed to $10 the lot.  

The red carved/flower bangle is 1970s I think, its a bit pitted around the edges.  Unlike the ivory coloured carved one which is in almost perfect condition.  After some brief googling I think the ivory carved one is earlier as it seems to be superior plastic.  The bottom one which is partially obscured is also very hard plastic and possibly bakelite.   

You may have noticed that trains have been mentioned in my posts recently, well there is a good reason for this.  My dear darling H has a thing for trains, locomotives, train books, toys and all things to do with diesel and steam.  

Righty ho, feeling weary so all for now.  Its a beautiful day today, perfect for watching the Train lover plant some veges in the garden and listening to the birds.  Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of 2012.


  1. PS. I just discovered which has a fabulous pattern for French knickers which I am going to try. 2012 is THE year of making my own underwear :-)

  2. This sounds like such a fun fair! I love the bracelets, especially the red one on the top:)

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Those are some great finds. Being a bit of a bangle fiend I especially love those. The middle one looks like celluloid to me which was popular around the same time as bakelite. An easy way to tell if the bottom one is bakelite is to rub it until it gets warm and then smell it. If it's bakelite it will smell like formaldehyde. If it's not bakelite it may be lucite which is also a fabulous plastic. Sorry for the essay, as you can probably tell I have a bit of an obsession with early plastics.

  4. I love these bangles! I thought of Camelia straight away,should have known she'd sniff them out!
    The rings,the rings!Lovely!Great scores!

  5. I keep meaning to make these French Knickers and they are on my to do list for 2012.
    If you can get hold of a copy "Sweet Nothings" by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader has some nice ideas on undies...but I am still to make anything from this also!
    I have made the knickers and slip from Kwik Sew pattern number 3351
    for both myself and my daughter and they are very easy to make.I have a photo here if you want to have a look

    hope you feeling better!

  6. Oh wow, I LOVE that jewelry! So unique and beautiful :)


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