Monday, May 17, 2010

St Vincent de Paul , George Street, Dunedin

Today I scored a retro style short sleeve Portmans shirt for $4 (nice blue green colour which I think will compliment my eyes) and a pair of interesting shoes which are a kind of heeled loafer with a furry (not real fur) tongue insert. Its hard to describe but they fit me really well, so for $5 they were worth it.

A major plus of StVdP is that everything is clean, and I mean CLEAN. The lady who served me today said that there are two washing machines upstairs and they dryclean things too. This is fabulous, as a charity I am amazed they can afford to do this, but as long as they do then I will continue to shop there.

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  1. After moving the buttons on the sleeves of the new retro shirt last night - and finding that I did not have thread to match I had to use clear which is an absolute *&^%!! to use - I discovered my big black tom cat had snuggled up to one edge of it as it lay innocently against the back of the couch. The very same couch that he has not slept on for months. Tried using sellotape to remove black fur but gave up in a huff and threw into washing basket. Convinced cat is jealous of my sewing.


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