Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hello 2015

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!

Hope you all had or are having a good break over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  

I have wanted to keep blogging but technology has prevented this by simply being out of date.  Goodbye laptop, goodbye camera.  Hello smart phone.  

Here I am melting in the Dunedin heat under a totara tree in Woodhaugh Gardens.  The kaftan/dress was spotted at Toffs and underneath I am wearing a vintage cotton slip from St Vincent de Paul.  The kaftan/dress has silver embroidery and a few sequins on the top so I wore silver jelly shoes to complete the outfit.

I live on a beautiful harbour and after New Year we got in the car, packed some sandwiches and went to Taioroa Head.  This part of the harbour is famous for being the world's only Albatross Colony on mainland where visitors can see the birds up close.  We skipped visiting the colony and enjoyed watching the seabirds and seals instead.  In the photo below, the light sandy colour beach in the background is the one I usually visit!
The gorgeous orange lime and lemon polyester frock was a gift from my blogging buddy Vintage Bird Girl. 

I was not keen on returning to work this week, but I was keen to wear something different.  This vest started life as an skirt (which I now know to be from Amnesty Intl) and I converted it to a vest.  The skirt was once a ASOS dress which was found at Toffs and the top is a lovely viscose one and probably originated in India. 


The weather has been a bit fickle since I went back to work - and I had to wear a jacket one day, somewhat reluctantly.  

It isn't real velvet but it was the colour that caught my eye. I think it was $1 at the Presbyterian Support Shop.  The skirt is from the Hospice Shop and had to be shortened a bit to allow a waist refashion.  I made the top from some crafting fabric - it is sewing advertising.  

Lastly, another homemade top, this time with a medium weight cotton drill covered with bunnies:

Nearly all my sewing projects start with the fabric and then I look for a pattern. To my delight I found a perfect pattern in the "free" box outside a local second hand furniture traders.  There are small darts in the shoulders and both through the front and back.  The feature I like most is the V shaped back neckline which allows me to show off my peony.  The back shaping is not quite to my liking, because I used a short zip.  If I used a longer one I am convinced it could be shaped much more.  However I am still pleased with the result.  

All in all a good first week back at work.  Now looking forward to the weekend.  Hope you all are too.

Bye, Penny-Rose


  1. Happy New Year! I'd love to see that albatross colony.
    Your rabbit top is great, what a clever make. You look vibrant and fabulous in your orange shift dress and the reconstructed skirt you're wearing with the velvet jacket is a stunner.
    Hope the return to work wasn't too traumatic. xxx

  2. you have a tattoo, you saucy lady.

    Nice outfits

  3. Loving the colourful dresses, and your refashions/sewing projects. Nice to see you blogging again! xxx

  4. Clever re-fashion of the skirt into a vest. That free pattern for the bunny shirt was a lucky find and the shirt is lovely.

  5. I have missed your posts! So happy to see you back in blogland. Loving all your outfits, and I'm supremely jealous of it being coat weather! Xx

  6. Happy new year lovely! I love all these outfits, but I have such a soft spot for rabbits that the rabbit top HAS to be my favourite xoxo


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