Thursday, January 29, 2015

End of the Golden Weather

Today is the last week day of my 2 week holiday and also the last week day of the school holidays and 13 yo starts High School on Monday.  It also is the end of the golden Dunedin weather.  We have had a few misty muggy days this week. Now we have cloud down to the ground and cooler temperature.  Maybe its a sign that it is time to go back to work and earn some money.  

1980s (?) polyester dress from Toffs, necklace from the lovely Vintage Bird Girl,
belt and various bangles all op-shopped
retail blue ring and plastic shoes

Being on holiday equates to being creative, or perhaps more creative than usual.  Several projects on the go at once is manageable because there is the time to work on each project when you want to.  Its okay to leave craft projects on the kitchen table for a couple of weeks.  Like this box I made from a calendar:

First crochet card box made from a calendar of Treasures of the Otago Museum
using up skeins of embroidery thread unused for 20 years.

Being on holiday also means that if you need something to wear you might have time to make it.  Like a pair of shorts.  One very hot day, when it was too hot to go to the beach (honestly) I made a pair of shorts from a tablecloth.  I wore them to the beach later that afternoon.  The linen cotton blend was just perfect.  Plus my family did not disown me for wearing a tablecloth in public. 

Made by Me Shorts from a tablecloth (Hospice Shop Hanover Street)

Holidays are the perfect time to be impulsive.  If one particular planned event doesn't pan out, you have time to just point the car in another direction (or your feet) and go somewhere else.  13yo and I had planned on visiting Cargills Castle which was built by Edward Bowes Cargill and originally named "The Cliffs".  

Its now a ruin ( i.e. more ruined that in the above photo) and on private land.  There are some amazing photos available and we thought we would be able to see it close up....but the council had erected a big fence to prevent access.  Determined to visit a place connected with the Cargill family we decided to go to Tunnel Beach.  

Denim skirt and singlet top both opshopped

Edward B Cargill's youngest daughter drowned at the beach but wikipedia claims it was his brother John who had the tunnel carved through the rock to the beach.  No matter it was still an amazing place with spectacular rocks and pounding surf - there is a natural tunnel too (just visible on the right of the photo).  The walk back up to the carpark made me realise how unfit I really am!

cotton linen dress from Toffs, 
hair flower, belt and shoes all retail

For me, this last couple of weeks has been an important stage of transition and a time for reflection and gratitude.   Spending time with my daughter before she goes to high school has been great for both of us.  We have had so much fun these last couple of weeks, I have enjoyed her company and I hope she has mine.  

Hope you all have an enjoyable Friday. xxx


  1. It sounds like you and your daughter have had a lovely fortnight, hope she enjoys her first days at high school. And you are rocking the yellow and bl;ue in these outfits - fabulous! I love the shorts made from a tablecloth! xxx

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, oh and such a nice one at that. Love your table cloth shorts. I made a skirt out of an old Damask table cloth years ago. I remember a lady at my work at the time saying she had a table cloth very similar, to which I replied, well this was a table cloth!

  3. Haha! I make dresses from old sheets so I'm sure tablecloth shorts are far less scandalous! Very annoying when access to historical places is restricted, find a way to make them accessible instead! Sounds like you've had a lovely holiday :)

  4. I do treasure time with my just daughter, she just turned 14 today! And I too have made clothes from sheets. Your shorts turned out great! :)

  5. I haven't seen those blue jelly shoes in a while! Love them! And super yes to those table cloth shorts!!

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic break. Loving you in that yellow dress and the shorts are fantastic. x

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