Friday, June 21, 2013

A week in retrospect

Hold on to your hats.....I have not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE outfit posts to show you!  It has been really wintery weather during the day and in the evenings I have curled up by the fire and watched tv or read.  Hence I have taken photos every night this week, but not I had not got around to organising them for posting.  So without further ado:

Vintage Bonds dress (Hospice Shop) with thrifted green belt and bracelets and a navy Glengyle cardigan (Toffs) to keep me warm!!!  My tights were a lovely shade of purple too - sadly the colour does not translate well in the photo.


Outfit number two is a refashioned vintage maxi (Toffs) worn with thrifted cardigan (Hospice Shop) and bracelets.  I double bagged on Tuesday, in the top right photo you can just see my handbag (which is navy) and my new beaded bag.  I bought the bag on Trademe (online auction)  last week but only got around to collecting it in the weekend.  Please ignore the kitchen mess in the background. 

Wednesday was a day when I had a big meeting so I wore my "tick tock" socks which I bought from Sock Dreams.  The boucle skirt was $1 from the Presbyterian Support Shop, the striped blouse with ruffles and big cuffs came from Savemart and the Tekau vest a Trademe score.  The little rabbit necklace was a retail confession of $2 at one of the main street stores. 


Yesterday I wanted to wear a bright pink blouse given to me by a work colleague.  With pink tights I think it goes quite nicely with the vintage woollen pinafore (which has shades of blue and grey and pinky-purpley colours).  The pink dove brooch was a purchase from the delightful Two Squirrels when I visited them in Lawrence and the owl ring was another retail confession of the $2 kind.  I seem to have found a lot of retail jewellry on sale at ridiculously low prices recently.

Finally, I have today's visual symphony - green and gold and blue and black - a maxi dress from Toffs which I cut shorter.  I teamed this dress with the lurex mustard yellow cardigan which some of my readers covet.  Alas, when we got home it was just not warm enough to show you the whole dress but the top part is quite plain.  The pattern is just amazing and neither photo really does it justice.  The blue flowers are really bright and the gold yellow leaves are too.  I doubled up on the leg wear and got quite a lot of comments - neon yellow tights from a main street store at 75% off with supermarket brand lace tights over the top.  My chemistry beaker earrings were branded Zombie and again only $2 from a retail store.  

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks colours and outfits, off now for a hot drink and to settle down to a quiet night with family.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frock on Friday

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good Friday.  Here is my colourful outfit for today:
Vintage pleated skirt, School fair part of a bag of clothes for $1
Coloured and patterned top, Toffs $2
Hello Kitty earrings, retail
selection of bangles, various op shops
vintage Glengyle cardigan, Presbyterian Support $1
shoes, Savemart
tights, retail
The tights and belt are both red in real life - the colour is not so good in my kitchen.  I really like the contrast of the red and the turquoise and the floral top has both colours as well as others.  I bought the Hello Kitty Earrings yesterday, having seen them several weeks ago but not able to decide if I really really wanted them.  I think Krista would like them - aren't they cute??

Thank you for all your get well wishes and comments, I am thankfully feeling a lot better now.  Hoping to do some gardening and maybe a bit of sewing in the weekend - what about you?

Bye for now, 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Roses are Red.....

Hello Everyone, hope you are all having a good week.  I have been quiet because I have had a disgusting head cold.  Yesterday was the first day I felt human and I had to take some of those cold and flu tablets because I went to listen to the Dalai Lama!!!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I was so happy to get to see him and listen to him.  There's no photographic evidence, so you'll just have to take my word for it - he is an amazing man, lovely and funny, and would make a great dinner party guest.

Okay, so today I felt more human - still not my normal radiant self but definitely on the road to normality - so I wore roses:

Vintage velvet skirt refashioned to fit, Toffs $2
Vintage Lady Lichfield polyester shirt, Presbyterian Support $1
Cardigan, Savemart
Shoes and bangles and necklace all opshopped
Tights, belt, rose earrings and hair rose all retail

The lighting in my kitchen is rubbish - another halogen light blew out again.  Last week, I wore an outfit which almost matches my kitchen paintwork.  This was not intentional: 

Boots and Vintage paisley dress refashioned to fit, ReStore
Vintage lurex cardigan, Trademe
Vintage yellow and white glass necklace, Salvation Army
Tights and hair clips, retail
I felt pretty cool in yellow and a lovely colleague said to me that I looked like a character from Austin Powers (bless her).  Alas, we also had a fire alarm and I had to stand out in the cold while we waited for the "all clear" - not good for someone coming down with a cold!

Lastly, because I have no more outfit posts at present I want to share with you some pics of some absolutely awesome stuff I found at the Salvation Army a while back and photographed using my phone.  Being a bit of a techno-phobe it's take a while to get the photos off the phone, but without further ado....

I seriously wanted the bambi - it was about 20-30 cm tall and stamped made in Japan, but it was broken at the back and the glue job was really rough.  In hindsight I should have bought it as it was so cheap.  The black poodle (above) and the white poodle (below) made me think of Vix as I know she likes poodles....

You can see the white one is in a different pose, I think it was a vase.  There was also an Easter Egg container/box which was probably worth quite a lot more than $3 as it was in pristine condition.  It would be a nice Easter gift filled with chocolates.  Is it me, or is there something a bit odd about the position of the bunny on the egg?  Its kind of weird.  

Okay, I'm off for my hot drink and an episode of Elementary (I have a thing for Sherlock Holmes) so that's all folks.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mid week post including fabulous Dunedin harbour view

Hello!  Erratic posting at the moment, I am afraid, Dear Readers.   The reason is mainly the less than favourable photographic conditions.  Another reason is me forgetting to take an outfit photo!!

However, on Monday it was Queens Birthday (yay a public holiday) and we went for a brisk walk around the harbour basin and although it started out sunny it soon clouded over....

Vintage Sonya house dress, Trademe
Vintage green bow tights, Hospice Shop
Boots and jacket both thrifted
Hat made by me from some old wool and a skein of recycled sari silk

I took quite a lot of lovely photos of the cloud formations and the water but this was the only one which shows the fabulous colours of my dress and tights!! 

Vintage wool pullover dress and
Vintage blue polyester blouse and blue bangle all  Presbyterian Support Shop
White beads, from my mum
Blue tights and rabbit earrings and rabbit ring all retail
Boots from Restore

I hadn't worn this woollen dress/pullover until today as it has not been cold enough.  Sure enough there was a decent frost and the car from frozen and white.  Its a handmade item, and well worn, there are a couple of threadbare bits, but that just adds to the character.  I like it with blue blouse but I would really like to find a mauve or violet shirt to wear underneath to bring out the purpley colour in the fabric. 

I managed to do some sewing over the weekend and have nearly finished refashioning the indian embroidered skirt I posted about a while back.  I also shortened a $2 maxi dress I got from Toffs.  I tried to shorten the lining as well, but I botched it up, and so I carefully cut the skirt lining away and zig-zagged the edge.  The dress looks great, but, alas there is no photographic evidence.  

Okay, I have a sniffy nose and a bit of a cold so I need to go and have a hot drink.  Hope you are all having a good week, 

PS.  Yes that is a genuine vintage key rack in my kitchen on the top left
PPS The piece of cardboard which covers the catflap is to keep out the draught, not cats =^^=