Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shock! Horror! A post on Monday!

Well, its a Monday evening and I am posting - I know, I know its a bit of a shock.  As it happens I have a week's annual leave as of tomorrow so thought I would do a surprise Monday post.

I also want to share a weekend outfit - from Saturday.  We went to town to Market 22 which showcases local artists and crafters.  The market is located in the part of town which used to be warehouses and major businesses and has some wonderful old buildings:

At the Stop the sale of State Assets March and Rally in the Octagon
Market 22 - a very fine collection of items
Warehouse buildings which are being restored
Denim skirt, $2 Toffs
Leather boots, $7 Hospice Shop
Leather belt $2, Hospice Shop
Goodnight Kiwi and Cat tee shirt - thrifted can't remember where
Green bow tights, Hospice Shop
Black necklace, Presbyterian Support

The denim skirt was brand new and unworn and ranks of one of my best buys. The tights were also new and still in the packet - looked like it dated from the 1980s.  Anyway, they were slightly too short for me so I carefully, very very carefully unpicked the stitching at the toe and voila - footless tights.  For all non-kiwis, the Goodnight Kiwi is an institution.  You can see more here:

Today was mild enough to have bare legs again, but I compromised and wore boots as I knew it would be cold by the time I got home.   Had to post a pic of my girl cat aka "Mittens" to show you how cute she is when she is curled up on the duvet.  Her paw is much better now as she is getting her 1/8th antibiotic tablet squished into some tuna twice a day!!

Dragon magic skirt, Trademe
White Breast Cancer fundraiser tee shirt with chopped neckline, 50 cents
Badge from Port Chalmers
Mood ring from a random market at Warrington
Green sparkley ring from Hospice Shop
Beige boots from ReStore
Belt from Recycle Boutique
Jacket and hair bow retail
This week I am spending some fun time with my daughter - we have various chores to do including warrant of fitness for car and take other cat to vet to get claws trimmed, but we are planning some serious op shopping and I have agreed to a visit to the Scooter pro shop.  Hope you are all having a great week.

PS I am going to try to link up to Patti's Visible Monday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ANZAC Day and autumn splendour

 Today, is a national holiday - ANZAC day.  It has been grey, cloudy, wet and cold all week.  Taking decent photos has been out of the question.  Today I am wearing Gap jeans from Toffs $2, leather jacket from the Salvation Army, hat and mittens gifts, scarf and Levis red suede boots, retail.  

We went to the Botanic Gardens for a walk and to enjoy being outside in the fresh autumn air.   

Spectacular protea flowers in the South African Garden and Banksia flower stalks really caught my eye.  Top left is a tui, NZ native bird which has a lovely song.  The plant in the centre is Dianella nigra - New Zealand blue berry, which has the most fantastic blue berries I have ever seen.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A post including two Saturdays

Hello, remember I mentioned a protest march I was going to last weekend? Well it dawned a beautiful calm sunny day with blue skies and a temperature high enough to have bare arms.  I wore my Paul Klee top (which started life as a maxi dress and has been reincarnated as a top and a skirt).  Not visible in the photo are the jeans and boots which were thrifted too.  

On Sunday I went to Savemart and found quite possibly the world's most amazing pair of boots.  They are exactly my size, leather and barely worn.  Okay, so they are a funny shade of pink and the embroidery is a little garish, but I loved them.  At only $7 I would be mad not to love them.  When I got home I made carrot soup and waffles.  

Home-made skirt, St v de P
Tee shirt, Hospice Shop
Belt, Presbyterian Support Shop

Some how the blogging vibe deserted me all week, but as the photo below shows, Monday was not a bad day -  it was nice weather so I could have bare legs.  I wore one of my magic skirts (made from old saris), grey thrifted tee shirt, pink accessories and a couple of anti war badges on a retail jacket with cropped sleeves.  

Magic reversible sari skirt
Grey tee shirt, Hospice shop
Pink Melissa Shoes
Pink and gold vintage beads, Hospice shop
Bangles all thrifted
Badges/buttons had for years!
Today has been a cold, grey, damp day.  I had to take an indoor photo.  I have done some sewing - the velvet red rose skirt just visible on the Un Finished Objects pile on the back of the couch.  I took the waistband off a vintage skirt I bought during the week and ironed out the gathers so I can make it fit me around my waist not around one leg.  I visited my parents for a chat and a cup of tea, and some carrots (my Dad has an excellent vege garden), came home and made a carrot cake and then lamb steaks and roast kumara for tea.  

Denim Skirt, Toffs $2
Black long sleeve top, Toffs $2
knitted halter top - made by me
fancy Italian tights (with the toe unpicked worn as footless tights) $4, St v de P
Boots, $7 Hospice shop 

Now I feel all content and sleepy - full of good food and warmed by the fire.  How about you?  How was your Saturday??

Friday, April 19, 2013

Not a Frock on Friday post

 Hello Everyone, are you looking forward to the weekend??  I know I am.  

I have been busy at work ....sometimes most of the time I felt like this...

...and I did not take any outfit photos or done any posting.  

Right now I feel like this....

I'll be posting again over the weekend so be sure to pop by and see what I get up to.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frock on Friday - Dunedin Style

Hi Everyone, hope you have had a good week.  I can't believe it is Friday again!!

In Dunedin, black is always in style.  Here is my take on it for Frock on Friday: 

Black Boucle Skirt - Presbyterian Support Shop $1
Black and silver Lurex shirt - Presbyterian Support Shop $5
purple Vintage Tekau Knitwear Acrylic Vest - Trademe
Black Furry Shoes - St V de P
Bambi necklace, black belt and  purple tights - retail

Earlier this week I wore two new combinations - I was really really happy with the orange skirt combo.  The colour is more orangey in real life and there is a splash of teal blue which is almost exactly as the cardigan.  

My much loved Paul Klee skirt was worn again with "in your face" yellow tights which were a bargain for only $2.50 at a main street fashion store.  I was not happy with the photos but I think you get the general idea.  

Left: Frill skirt and Glengyle cardigan both from  Toffs $2, Vivienne Westwood tee shirt retail,
Belt, Boots and tights all retail.
top Right: Paul Klee skirt - cut down from a maxi dress, Presbyterian Support,
grey tee shirt, Hospice Shop, Lurex vintage cardigan Trademe
Patent leather brogues Toffs $2

This week has been so busy at work - its been a full week without much appreciated public holidays - so I am really really glad it is the weekend.  Tomorrow we are going to a protest march in support of the teachers and education.  I also want to finish fixing up the velvet skirt I scored at Toffs a couple of weeks ago.  Hope you all have a great Friday night!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I can't think of a title, but Your Royal Highness sounds good to me....

Don't worry about the title - I find it hard to think of things.  On Saturday I went to a friend's place for a cooking demonstration using some very expensive cookware, which was for sale.  I did not buy anything but I really enjoyed the company of a good group of friend's, delicious chicken and mushroom risotto and chocolate fudge brownie.  When I got home the weather was so lovely I just had to get an outfit pic taken at the top of the 5th Steepest Street in Dunedin:

Vintage Osti Maxi bought from Trademe
Yes I am lying on the street taking the photo in the bottom left hand corner. 

Oh, just go back in time for a minute to look at Friday.  On Friday I did not wear a dress - I wore trousers.  I cannot recall when I last DID NOT wear a dress or skirt on Friday.  Which is why I did not do a Frock on Friday post - it seemed a bit weird really.  So, this is what I wore:

Leather Jacket - Salvation Army $8
Green nylon St Michael sweater - Toffs $2
White and yellow glass necklace - Salvation Army Mosgiel $1
Elvis belt - made by me
Yellow shoes and yellow bracelet - retail

Monday is not really a good posting day for me.  Back to work blues I guess and the rush when we get home: feeding meowing cats, feeding mewling family, etc etc.  My outfit was the opposite of blue - it was cheery and bright and I wore:

Vintage cotton sundress - ReStore
Orange beads and bracelet - Trademe
Belt, shoes and tights all retail
Cardigan - Hospice Butterflies Shop 

I love this dress - its such a bright happy pattern.  I had to wear a tee shirt under it as it has no sleeves and when I felt too warm to wear the cardigan I did not want bare arms in the office.  Luckily it is a roomy fit.  

Today I did wear blue and I felt very coordinated!

Polyester dress and Glengyle cardigan both from Toffs $2 each
French Jet beads - Trademe
Purple belt - St V de P $3
Tights and shoes - retail
Goldcrest Coat - St V de P

The outfit all came together because of the belt - which I found yesterday at the St V de P for $3.  It is leather and exactly the right colour.  The blue bow brooch was also bought yesterday at the Hospice Shop for $1.  I have to tell you that my beloved cat comes running over to me when I start posing for a photo now, my dear H is usually standing taking the photo and I am looking towards the house, and then my black furry friend comes trotting over to me demanding to be patted.  

Right, I am going to try out a new nail polish now - its blue!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The end of the Golden Weather

Hello Everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter!  The weather here was just lovely and I was able to do some gardening - potted up a whole lot of little itty bitty baby lavender plants, some reading - two novels, some baking - sticky date and orange cake, carrot cake and ginger nuts.  All in all it felt a nice mixture of productive and relaxing.  

This is what I wore on Tuesday when I thought I had a lunch date with some friends (I got the date and time wrong duh!) But you can see I made a real effort..... 

Blue and white polka dot dress, St V de P
Orange and pink beads, Hospice Shop on Jetty St $6
Pink bangles, Hospice Shop in Mosgiel
Beautiful pink dove brooch, Two Squirrels stall at Lawrence Fair
Pink Melissa shoes and pink jelly watch, retail

Today marked the end of the golden weather for me, I had to wear tights.  The wind was just so cold whistling around my legs yesterday I was in such a hurry to get some warm clothes on I forgot to take a photo.  So, today I was prepared: 

1980s polyester dress $2 Toffs
pink skinny belt, retail
Denim jacket, retail
purple tights, KMART
Pink Melissa shoes and pink jelly watch retail
My legs were warm all day and the bat wing sleeves on the dress ensured a fair amount of ventilation when I was feeling too warm.  

Hope you all have a great Friday.